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                In recent years, sex machines become a popular fetish toy used by singles and couples out there. Generally, these machines are the larger version of the traditional sex toys. They are designed to give satisfaction during an erotic scene and other sexual activities.

                Sex machines can provide new and amazing sexual experiences. Moreover, it can be a great addition to heighten your senses during solo or partnered play. It is also the best way to experience and enjoy hands-free masturbation. To have a better understanding of this particular adult toy, here is a quick overview of sex machines.

                What are sex machines?

                Sex machines are mechanical devices that typically contain a vibrating motor. Its motor has varying speeds and intensities that can be adjusted. Their control is often located in the machine itself or with a remote. Most people use this versatile sex machine to stimulate and massage different parts of the body. They also use it to experience more pleasurable orgasm.

                Types of sex machines

                Before purchasing a sex machine, it is vital to understand the differences between each type. Discussed here are the various types of sex machines.

                Ride-on sex machines

                A ride-on sex machine is the first-ever sex machine invented in 1970s. Basically, it is designed for women’s use. A woman can sit on this machine with a dildo attached on top. This attachment brings pleasure to the user since it moves in and out of their vagina. Certain attachment contains a nub that is designed to directly stimulate the clit.

                This type of sex machine has two control buttons. These are rotation and vibration. Both controls have their own on and off switch. The rotation feature enables the attachment to move around inside the vagina. On the other hand, vibration control alters the speed of vibration. These controls allow you to choose which one suits your desire.

                Fucking machines

                It is a sex machine designed to mimic sexual intercourse. It comes with different vibrations, speeds and intensities. This machine can be used either for vaginal or anal sex. So their attachment will depend on how you use them. For instance, dong-shaped attachments can be used for vaginal sex while a butt plug-shaped attachment is ideal for anal sex.


                A rocker is another type of sex machine that is often used by women to imitate sexual intercourse. This can be used even without their partner. This machine varies in design. But the most common are rockers with silicone or plastic dildo mounted on a base.

                When a woman straddles on a rocker, she has full control of the machine’s speed. This will help them achieve orgasm and sexual satisfaction on their own. Just like the fucking machine, it is also a versatile toy. In fact, it can be used for anal and vaginal intercourse.

                Home-made sex machines

                People who find interest in sex machines try to make their own versions of it. However, once you decided to build one, it is vital to consult someone who has the proper knowledge in doing electronics and waterproofing. It is quite important since the body fluids can conduct electricity.

                Creating your own machine is definitely cheap. However, you have to think of your own safety in building them.

                How to use a sex machine

                Safety should always be the first priority when using a sex machine. If you haven’t tried this before, probably you might feel awkward. To properly guide you, here are a few tips on how to use it safely.

                Prepare the machine

                For beginners, take your time to learn how the sex machine works. Find the ideal speed, intensity and depth that suit you most. Aside from that, be familiar with adjusting your position to the machine. Then, find the right angle that is more comfortable for you. On top of that, preparing a sufficient amount of lubricant should be considered.

                Familiarise with the machine controls

                How you control your sex machine depends on what type you use. Certain sex machines come with a remote control while other types use an application or Bluetooth. Whatever sex machine you want to try, always set them at the lowest speed first. Just move your way up once you get familiar with it. Generally, the best way to learn how this particular machine works is to explore them.

                Place the sex machine in a stable position

                When using a sex machine, it’s important to place it in a stable and safe position. The best place where you can put it is on a firm and flat surface. But if it’s too high, you can use a chair or table to level it. Placing them at the right level will help you prevent the attachment from poking somewhere.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s machine?

                • Safe to use

                One of the most important things to consider when buying a sex machine is to determine if it’s safe to use. Good thing, The Sex Garden offers quality machines in the market today.

                • Wide variety of options

                This collection can give you a huge variety of machines to choose from. This is to help you pick the best one that suits your personal preferences.

                What’s next?

                Level up your sexual experience with The Sex Garden’s machines today! Grab the most advanced sex machine here! Perfect on your next solo or partnered play. Feel free to browse here for more of The Sex Garden’s items.

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