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guide to different sex accessories

Most of the time, couples don’t recognise the importance of sex accessories to their intimate scene. They believed that they are not really necessary to any sexual activity. Some people even don’t know that sex accessories exist. But actually, sex accessories add creativity, spark imagination and enhance your erotic play.

If you want to know about sex accessories, this guide can be a good start off. Listed below are just some of the most remarkable sex accessories available in the market today. Read on here for more information.

Various sex toy accessories

Attachments for sex machine

Sex machine is a device used to stimulate intercourse or any sexual activity. This sex toy uses different components to provide various movements or vibrations. These components are either included in the package or can be purchased separately. Below are some of the most common attachments for sex machine.

  • Dildo – Most sex machine needs a dildo attachment on them. They are usually included for free on the package. You can also buy it separately especially if you are looking for a specific type of dildo to attach on the machine.
  • Masturbator – This attachment allows the user to enjoy hands-free masturbation.
  • Suction cup – This accessory is needed to stick the dildo on any flat surface
  • Rod extensions – This is used to make the thrusting arm longer.
  • Universal holders – This accessory is used to hold a toy on any sex machine.


At some point, a lot of women can’t keep up with their erotic play. One of the main reasons is lack of lubrication or vaginal dryness due to stress, menopause, anxiety, certain health condition and many more.

Personal lubricants are known to be the most common sex-enhancing accessory. It is used to reduce friction, irritation and avoid having injury during sex. Aside from that, it makes sex more comfortable and enjoyable by heightening your sensitivity.

Toy cleaners

Cleaning your sex toy is vital to avoid the transmission of STIs and other bacterial infection. Toy cleaners are the best product to use in cleaning sex toys. This is because they are specifically formulated to disinfect adult toys.

Magnetic chargers for sex toys

Magnetic chargers are very useful and convenient sex toy accessory for people who love travelling. Most of these chargers are universal. This means that you can safely plug it into any converter plug or USB port.

You can use these chargers to recharge your electronic sex toys while on travel. With that, you will experience a never-ending fun since your toy won’t run out of power even when you’re on a vacation.

Other accessories that can be used during sex

To enhance your sexual encounter and make it more exciting, you can use various sex accessories. Using these accessories can also add beauty and effectiveness to your erotic play. Listed below are some of them.

A fantasy erotic book

This book usually contains fictional and factual stories about romantic or sexual relationships that are intended to arouse the readers. Reading these books will also allow you to engage your imagination and be titillated. Furthermore, it can set up your mood and build up your sensation. So if you want to ignite your erotic imagination, read a sexy novel right before having sex.

Adult games

Aside from the typical foreplay routine, you can spice up your relationship by trying out various adult games. There are a lot of games that you can try like naughty board games, card games and even role-playing. Some of these adult games are specifically designed for couples during erotic play and for get-together parties with friends.

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What to do next?

Sex toy accessories can level up your bedtime experience in many ways. Some of the items that are listed above may not be necessary to use. But it can make a huge difference to your sex life. They can enhance your sex adventure.

If you want to grab one of the items mentioned above, feel free to check out The Sex Garden’s collection of sex toy accessories. They can provide a lot of wonderful products to make your intimate play more satisfying like no other! Apart from that, they can supply various sex toys for your sex play.


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