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Ultimate guide to sex machines

on November 02, 2021

Sex machines can definitely add a new dimension to your sex life whether you are alone or with a partner. They are known to add incredible levels of enjoyment. They also allow you to turn your fantasies into reality. In fact, many people use it to enjoy hands-free masturbation or experience double penetration.

One of the reasons why most people refuse to buy this sex toy is its price tag. As you all know, this device is a bit costly. Thus, before investing in these expensive devices, you need to understand a few basics about this sex toy. With that, here is an ultimate guide to sex machines.

What are sex machines?

Sex machines or fucking machines are devices designed to imitate the sensation of intercourse and other sexual activities. A sex machine usually comes with a dildo or vibrator attachment.

The main goal of using a sex machine is to achieve a satisfying climax. You can use this device on your own or during partnered sex.

Types of sex machines

  • Fucking machines

These devices come in various shapes and sizes. They are typically powered by an electric motor to create an in and out thrusting motion. They can penetrate you either vaginally or anally using a dildo or vibrator. You can control its speed and depth of stimulation depending on your preferences.

Most cheap fucking machines are only suitable for use in a missionary or doggy position. Contrarily, expensive ones will allow you to penetrate while sitting or even standing.

  • Ride on Sex Machine (Sybian)

This is the most popular type of sex machine. In fact, it frequently appears on the internet and on TV shows. It is even considered the “daddy of sex machines”.

This equipment has an attachment on its top that looks like a barrel. This is where the user lowers themselves and straddles in it. While straddling, the clitoris will rest comfortably against a nubbed area of the machine’s attachment.

  • Money rocker

This is a human-powered sex machine where the user sits on a chair with an attached dildo. To use, you have to rock the chair back and forth. Then the dildo will move up and down. This will allow you to control the speed of thrusting.

When using this sex machine, you can’t hear any annoying noise in it. The only drawback of using it is that your thighs will soon get tired of rocking back and forth.

  • Power tool sex machines

As its name suggests, this sex machine can give powerful thrusting. Improper use of this machine can lead to electrocution and friction burns. Thus, to maximise your intimate experience, sex experts don’t usually recommend this to beginners and to those people who don’t have enough knowledge about the device.

Characteristics to consider before buying a sex machine

Speed – This is the direct indication of how fast the sex machine can thrust. They are usually expressed in RPM or revolution per minute.

Depth of thrust – There are sex machines that only thrust the dildo or vibrator in and out by a few inches. While others can thrust up to 12 inches every stroke.

Power or torque – This is the indication of the strength of a sex machine’s motor. It is best to pick the strongest motor that suits your budget.

Size and weight – When it comes to size and weight, it is important to consider if how big is the machine, how heavy is it, can it be easily stripped down or is it portable to carry when travelling.

Price – This is a huge factor when buying sex machines. This is because this equipment can be very expensive. Thus, it is vital to choose the one that meets your preferences.

Safety tips

  • Use an ample amount of lubricant

Since a sex machine is stronger than a standard vibrator, it is crucial to apply a generous amount of lubricant. This is to avoid friction burn and other injuries. Using lube can also make the insertion easier, more pleasurable and less painful.

  • Use stable surfaces

Sex machines tend to provide powerful thrusts. Thus, it’s vital to position your sex machine on a stable surface. This will lessen the risks of having potential injuries. On top of that, placing your sex machine on a secure surface will enhance your sex routine since you can experience the full power of the machine.

  • Keep your sex machine clean

Like any other pleasure toy, it is vital to maintain the cleanliness of your sex machine. This is to prevent any harmful bacteria from spreading and thriving on the sex toy. You should read the sex machine’s manual to know the appropriate cleaning process.


Sex machines are innovative sex toys to enjoy hands-free penetration with or without a partner. But before you invest in this sex toy, it is valuable to research first the fundamental things about sex machines. With that, this ultimate guide can help you get started.

If you want to try out sex machines today, you can contact a trustworthy online sex toy shop. They can supply various sex machines and other sex toys to be used on your next erotic adventure.


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