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7 Comfortable positions to achieve the most satisfying sex

on September 09, 2021

Sex is a crucial part of a couple’s relationship. This is because it strengthens their intimacy level. It also provides a lot of benefits to their well-being. With these, they usually find ways to make their sexual encounter more fun, exciting and pleasurable.

Sex should be comfortable for both couples. That’s why it’s vital to choose the best sex position to avoid discomfort. Fortunately, this blog post will give you insights into the 7 comfortable positions to achieve the most satisfying sex.

1. Missionary

In this sex position, the woman usually lies on their back while their partner lies on the top. This can be more comfortable when you put a pillow underneath the woman’s lower back. The pillow will serve as support to prevent back pain. This can also help women to lift their pelvis which can provide a better angle for clitoral stimulation.

Missionary style is most preferred by couples. This is because they can caress and kiss each other in this position. Eye contact with your partner is also possible in missionary style.

2. Doggy style

In doggy style, one partner is usually in all fours position while the other penetrates from behind. The giver can be either in a standing or kneeling position.

Moreover, putting a pillow underneath the receiving partner’s lower stomach can give additional support to them. This can also reduce the pressure. On top of that, this can create more space for penetration.

This sex position provides great pleasure to women. This is because doggy style is the perfect position to hit the G-spot. Likewise, this is the most comfortable position for a woman who is in the first trimester of their pregnancy.

3. Corkscrew

If you’re feeling lazy, then the corkscrew style is for you. This position is usually performed near the edge of a bed or table.

In this sex style, the receiver is resting on their hip and forearm. It’s also important to press your thigh together while your partner is in a standing position and straddling you. This is to give them a tighter hold as they thrust you from behind.

4. Cowgirl

One of the easiest sex positions to perform is the cowgirl style. The woman is usually on top when performing the cowgirl position. This allows them to have entire control of the penetration. They can also dictate the pace, depth and rhythm of thrusting.

Furthermore, the cowgirl position can give the following benefits to women.

  • In this position, women can easily achieve orgasm.
  • The clitoris can be stimulated in this sex style.
  • They can have eye-to-eye contact with their partner.
  • They can strengthen their intimacy level with their partner in this position.

5. Face-off

This is a sweet and intimate position for couples. In this sex style, the man is sitting on the edge of the bed or a chair. They can slightly spread their legs and embrace their partner while sitting on his lap facing him. Contrarily, the woman in the top position can control the angle and depth of the thrust.

Like in missionary style, eye-to-eye contact is also possible in this position. Aside from that, couples can level up their moves in face-off style. This is by stimulating their partner’s other erogenous zone using their fingers.

Moreover, being in a seated position provides great support for couples. Hence, this is the ideal position if you want to have a marathon sex session.

6. The 69 position

Some couples may experience pain during penetrative sex. Good thing, they can try out other sexual activities like giving them a sensual touch and erotic massage for pleasure. You can also try the 69 style.

In the 69 style, couples usually positioned their mouth near their partner’s genitals. This is done by allowing one person to lie down on their back while the other is on top. The person on top is usually positioned with their knees straddling beside their partner’s head.

In this sex position, the man usually lies on his back, whereas the woman is the person on top. They can simultaneously perform oral sex in this style.

7. Spooning

Spooning is a cosy style wherein both partners are lying in a side-by-side position and facing in the same direction. The person at the back usually holds and penetrates their partner. They can also stimulate their partner’s clitoris while thrusting. This can definitely provide more pleasure and arousal to women.

In addition, this is one of the best sex positions for pregnant women who are in their second and third trimesters. This is because it gives less pressure on the belly.

Many couples love spooning sex position for several reasons. These are just a few of them:

  • It is great for morning sex.
  • It is one of the safest sex positions.
  • It is comfortable and convenient. This is because it allows couples to have sex without waking up their children especially when they are in the same room.
  • It is an easy alternative to doggy style.
  • Mutual masturbation, vaginal and anal penetration is possible in this position.


When it comes to sex positions, couples have many options. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to experiment and try them first to discover what works best for you and your partner. If you want to try out new sex styles, consider these 7 comfortable sex positions above. These will definitely provide enjoyment and great satisfaction on your next erotic scene.

Aside from trying new sex positions, adding sex toys into the mix can intensify your experience. If you’re a beginner, feel free to browse an online adult toy shop that provides valuable information about sex toys. They can also assist you in choosing high-quality sex toys suited for all your needs.


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