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How to Stimulate Clitoris for Great Pleasure

on March 20, 2020

Sexual stimulation enhances sexual arousal and may often lead to orgasm. A person can be sexually aroused by touching their partner’s genitals or other body parts. For women, stimulating the clitoris helps them to reach orgasm during sexual activity.

The clitoris is the primary source of sexual pleasure in women. This is a small, sensitive, erectile part of the female genitals. It is located above the vaginal opening and urethra. This is actually four inches in length. It also has a wishbone-like shape.

In addition, the clitoris is considered the most sensitive erogenous zones because of its high concentration of nerve endings. This is why you have to make the most of it during stimulation.

To help you how to stimulate the clitoris for great pleasure, here are some of the tips to consider.

  • Be in a comfortable place and set the mood

Clitoral stimulation can be done during solo play or even couples play. If you are with a partner, setting the mood is vital. It may involve kissing, foreplay and exploring each other’s bodies.

On the other hand, if you do it for solo play, feel free to touch other erogenous zones of your body (like your nipples). While doing this, you can use your imagination or read some sexy literature to get you turned on.

  • Introduce something to the area close to the clitoris

Your fingers, partner’s fingers, mouth, tongue, or a clean object like sex toy can be used for stimulating the clitoris. Once you feel comfortable, this is the time to directly stimulate it.

  • Start experimenting with pressure

The most important aspect when it comes to pleasurable clitoral stimulation is the amount of pressure you apply to your clit. It is important to start your stimulation with very light pressure. Then slowly increasing it until you reach orgasm.

However, if the amount of pressure is not enough to reach the orgasm, bring your finger closer to the clit. You can also make direct contact with it for more intense stimulation.

  • Add some personal lubricant

Personal lubricants can make sex more satisfying. With the use of extra lube, every touch and thrust will feel smoother and more pleasurable. Hence, adding this when stimulating your clitoris will help build sexual tension and can bring you to climax.

  • Take your time during clitoral stimulation

When stimulating your clitoris, it is very important to ask for feedback on what feels good for both partners. Moreover, you have to be creative in stimulating your clitoris. To do this, try the gentle back and forth motions, small circular motions, or even a light tap.

  • Stimulate the clitoris from the inside

Not everyone will be able to stimulate or experience pleasure during clitoral stimulation. Therefore, using the penis, sex toys or fingers can help to reach the pleasure and satisfaction during this particular stimulation.

  • Find the best position to access the clitoris easily

Not all sex positions can trigger a lot of clitoral stimulation. So it is better to provide your partner with different options.

Below are some of the positions that will help you and your partner access the clitoris easily.

1. The table top

This position is done by sitting on the edge of the bed. Lie down and have your partner stand between your legs. Then finally, face your partner and hold their legs or prop them on the shoulders. This position is great because you can make eye to eye contact with each other.

2. The cowgirl position

Cowgirl is one of the sex positions if you want to stimulate the clitoris. You can enjoy this position without using sex toys or your hands during sex. This is usually done by facing your partner while kneeling and straddling. Moreover, this position can help you reach orgasm by simply adding some lube.

3. The missionary position

The missionary position might be the best sex position for women. This position involves talking, kissing, biting and making eye contact with your partner. Furthermore, the person at the bottom should grind their pelvis against their partner to get the clitoral stimulation.


Every person has different sexual erogenous zones, desires and turn-ons. Thus, there is no perfect way to stimulate your vagina, anus and even the clitoris. All you have to do is to experiment with what you enjoy the most.

Most women consider clitoral stimulation as an effective way to reach their orgasm. Aside from that, they stimulate their clitoris to have high sexual arousal and experience excitement during love making.

If you are now interested in stimulating the clitoris by using adult toys, then look for an online adult store that can provide a lot of choices for you. They can offer high-quality sex toys that may add pleasurable experience during sex.


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