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                Finger Vibrators

                When picking a vibrator, novices sometimes go for something small. There’s nothing wrong with a small toy as long as you enjoy using it. There are certain vibrators that are small yet still pleasurable to use. One of the most common is the finger vibrator. Ideally, it’s the best choice for those who want to improve their masturbation experience.

                A finger vibe is a type of vibrator that is widely used for better stimulation. These pleasure toys are designed to be used as an extension of one’s finger or a partner’s finger for stimulation. You can bring them when travelling since they are discreet. Before you dive in using this toy, read here to learn more about these little vibes.

                Why should you use a finger vibe?

                While many people are enjoying the benefits of using this toy, others are still hesitant to use it because of its size. Yes, they’re quite small, but you don’t have to underestimate this powerful toy. Here are the reasons why it is a must-have product in your toy collection.

                • Helps to masturbate easily

                There are times that fingering can be a tiring activity in bed especially if you’ve spent long hours on your job. With the help of a finger vibe, you don’t have to worry about those lazy days. You just need to slip a vibe in your finger. Lay it on your clit. And finally, enjoy the new sensations that this toy brings.

                • Portable and discreet toy

                The compact size of this vibe makes it easy to bring anywhere. You can even put this vibe in your make up kit. When other people see this adult toy in your bag, they will not notice that it is a sex toy. They will just think that it is an accessory because of its charming design.

                • You can use it for solo or couples play

                This toy works well on solo and even in couples play. If you want to stimulate your partner during blowjob and handjob, consider using a finger vibe.

                If your partner is a man, this sex toy can be used to tickle his balls. You can also use your finger vibrator to stroke the underside of their penis. On the other hand, if it is used for a woman, you can place it on her clit while licking her other pleasure spots like her genital. Since it is portable, finger vibes are perfect to use during couples play.

                • You can play in peace with its quiet design

                Finger vibrators have whisper-like vibrations. With its quiet motor, your housemate will not hear the buzzing sound of this toy during your masturbation.

                Choosing a finger vibe

                When you’re interested to shop for a finger vibrator, don’t just get the first vibe you see in the adult store or online shop. You have to choose those that will best suit your needs and desires.

                Basically, those that are made from body-safe and high-grade silicone material are a perfect choice. You might also like those vibes that are waterproof. It is ideal to use for underwater or shower play.

                How to use a finger vibrator?

                If you’re one of those people who struggle in using finger vibe, below are some tips on how to enjoy it.

                1. Clean and charge it first

                Just like any other sex toy, cleaning this vibe after taking it out of their packaging is vital. The cleaning procedures will always depend on the material it is made of. To make sure of the cleaning methods, you can refer to its manual.

                Certain variants can be easily cleaned by just wiping them with a damp towel while others can be submerged in water. After you thoroughly clean this toy, you must charge first before using it.

                2. Warm-up your mind and body

                Once you’re done cleaning and charging your toy, get ready to play with it. For an intense experience, make yourself aroused by watching porn movies or use your imagination.

                Once you’re aroused, turn on your finger vibe. Then start to run it on the erogenous parts of your body. While doing this, you will surely get tease with its buzzing sensation.

                3. Start fingering yourself to orgasm

                After teasing yourself, it’s time to play it on your vulva. It is suggested to put this toy either in the index finger or thumb. Then place the vibrator on your clit while the middle finger is busy playing with your genital. For a more pleasurable experience, a water-based lube can be used.

                4. Clean the finger vibe after use

                Once you’re done playing with your finger vibe, clean it as soon as possible. As mentioned above, you can refer to the instructional manual for the cleaning methods to be used. After sanitising the toy, put it a pouch before keeping it in your closet.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s finger vibrators

                • Made from high-quality materials

                When choosing a vibrator, the first thing you have to consider is the quality of the material. Good thing, all vibrators in this collection are made from body-safe materials like silicone.

                • Wide range of choices

                The Sex Garden’s collection of finger vibrators comes in a variety of options. Numerous shapes and styles are also offered here.

                What’s next?

                If you’re looking for a new pleasure toy to add to your toy collection, look no further. This collection can offer you the best finger vibrator ever. So, what are you waiting for? Let go of all your hesitations and enjoy a finger-licking-good orgasm with these products.

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                Finger Vibrators

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