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                Some men experienced an inability to get or keep their penis firm enough during sexual activity. This medical condition is commonly known as erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence. ED can be treated through penile injection, penile implants and oral medications. But if these treatments don’t work or cause side effects, a male pump or penis pump can be a good treatment option.

                A male pump is a device that consists of a plastic tube that usually fits over a man’s penis. A pump that is typically attached to this plastic tube can be either hand or battery-operated. Moreover, a constriction ring that is usually placed around the base of the penis is included. When this device is used properly, it can be an effective and safe way to treat an individual with ED. To learn more about male pumps, keep on reading here.

                Benefits of using a male pump

                It is effective in producing an erection. With correct use and continuous practice, male pump is an effective tool to make one‘s penis erect. The duration of penis erection typically lasts for 30 minutes or more.

                It is safe to use. Male pump is generally a safe device for men with ED. In fact, they can use it along with their oral medications. Aside from that, a penis pump is non-invasive compared to penile implants.

                The overall cost is lower. Using a male pump costs less since it can be used repeatedly. Apart from that, a male pump is less expensive compared to other ED treatment.

                How to use a male pump

                Many men consider penis pump as a simple device. These few steps below can serve as your guide.

                1. For some men, shaving the hair around the base of the penis can help before using a male pump. Shaving the pubic hair can prevent the ring from getting caught. Although it’s not actually required, you can still shave if you want.
                2. Then it’s time to insert the penis into the plastic tube after shaving.
                3. To create a vacuum inside the tube, you have to pump the device. Pumping will depend on the type of device you used. Pumping can be either manual or motorized.
                4. To have an erection, the vacuum in the pump will engorge the blood vessels in the penis. After the penis becomes fully erect, you can maintain its erection by placing a constriction ring around its base.
                5. Then finally, remove the erect penis from the tube. After that, you can start foreplay or intercourse.

                Safety tips in using male pumps

                To avoid side effects, here are some safety tips to consider.

                • Use a reliable product. Penis pumps that are recommended and approved by medical authorities are definitely safe to use. They typically have lower risks of injury compared to those pumps that are not approved by medical experts.
                • Never over-pump. When using a male pump, applying enough pressure is necessary to achieve an erection. But remember not to overdo pumping.
                • Lose the ring. Remember to remove the constriction ring after 30 minutes. Keeping this ring around the penis for a long time might lead to unnecessary injuries.

                Considerations in buying a male pump

                With a lot of penis pumps available in the market today, you have to be careful in choosing. Here are a few considerations before your initial purchase.

                • Make sure that the penis pump has a vacuum limiter.

                The vacuum limiter in the penis pump can help to monitor the air pressure inside the tube. Providing enough pressure to the penis is vital to avoid potential injuries.

                • Consider the size of the constriction ring.

                The size of the ring must be tight enough to the penis. It’s worth noting that using a too tight ring can be uncomfortable. Contrarily, a loose ring can be ineffective. Hence, it is essential to determine what size fits you most.

                • Get a prescription from a doctor.

                One way to make sure that the male pump is safe to use is by asking for a prescription from your health professional. This will definitely give you an assurance that the penis pump you’re going to buy is highly recommended for ED treatment.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s male pumps?

                • Wide variety of choices

                The Sex Garden provides a lot of options to their customers to choose the best item that will suit their personal preferences. Choosing from a huge variety of products will also allow you to get the one that will give the most satisfactory experience.

                • Safe and easy to use

                The Sex Garden can provide safe products for you. Aside from that, penis pumps in this collection are all user-friendly. They all come with a manual to guide you in using the product.

                What’s next?

                Experience one of a kind erection by using male pumps in this collection. All products here are made to bring fun and satisfaction. Give it a try now and enjoy a night of pleasure and memorable experience with your partner.

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