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                For novices, they have probably heard about pumps but do not have an idea of what it really is. Luckily, The Sex Garden has a collection of good quality pumps so that men can easily choose their best one.

                For those who do not know, the penis pump market is quite big. They usually come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different body types. To learn more about this sex toy, here is an overview for you. Read here now!

                What are penis pumps

                This sex toy is used mainly for penis enlargement. This toy is also called vacuum constriction device (VCD). Basically, it has a constricting band which is designed to help men with erectile dysfunction maintain their erection for a longer period. It is not just for men who are struggling with impotency. This toy is often used by couples who want to experiment with different sensations.

                Parts of a penis pump

                • Chamber

                The main part of a penis pump is a cylindrical chamber where the penis actually goes. Since every penis size is different, there are also a variety of chamber sizes available. Thus, it is a good idea to know your penis’ girth and length before purchasing.

                If you are a first-time user, consider buying pumps with see-through chambers. This is for you to see and have an idea on what’s going on inside it.

                Kinds of chambers

                Single-stage cylinder – it is a straight chamber which is open on one end and with a cap on the other end.

                Two-stage tube – it is quite similar to the single-stage but it can cover the testicles and penis. Thus, you can enjoy dual pumping.

                Clam-shell – it looks like a clam-shell. It is not closely cylinder in shape. It also has a lengthwise seam that needs a seal.

                • Pump

                The pump is used to remove air from the chamber to increase blood flow to the man’s genitals. This is generally where the magic happens.

                There are 2 types of pumps available. The first one is a more traditional hand-powered pump. The other one is a convenient battery-powered pump.

                • Band

                Finally, once the penis is erect, the band should fit around its base. The band helps increase the overall blood flow.

                How to use

                Basically, pumps are simple to use. But before trying this toy, you need first to know and understand how it works.

                Place the chamber over your penis. Once it is already in place, you can now start pumping. The pump helps the blood to start flowing in the desired direction.

                By the time you are sufficiently hard, you need to slip the rubber constriction ring around the base of the penis. Then after that, you can remove the pump and your penis is now fully stiffened. Just a reminder, you should not leave the ring on for not more than 30 minutes.

                Penis pump techniques

                For others, using pumps might seem simple. Just stick it in, pump and you’re good to go. The truth is, it is recommended to experiment and explore the toy first. For beginners, it might also help to follow these techniques and see which one will work for you.

                • Pulse pumping

                This technique involves changing the pressure levels during the session. By doing this, it stimulates internal tissues and helps the penis to expand faster.

                A good way to do this is to vary the pressure levels every minute. Then, gradually decreasing every 30 seconds. After that, you can go back to your initial speed.

                • Milking

                Actually, this is also called masturbation. But instead of using the hands, pumps are used. Milking is a bit basic for most people. However, it is important not to overdo it. Going very hard may not give you good results.

                • Shakes

                For this technique, you need to have an erect penis. Obviously, it is all about shaking. Simply grab the cylinder of the pump. Then gently twist it back and forth over your penis. You can also rock your hips for a more sexy effect. Again, you don’t have to do it aggressively.

                • Wrapping

                If you want to be more exotic, then you might enjoy this technique. You only need to have an additional tool for this one. To start, get a heating pad and wrap it around the pump’s chamber. In this way, the shaft of the penis will warm up. Thus, encourages the blood to get flowing.

                Why should you choose penis pumps

                • High-quality products

                The Sex Garden’s collection is made of high-quality materials. This is for their customers to experience excellent bedtime play.

                • Affordable items

                If you want to enjoy your bedtime scene without breaking the bank, then why not try these products from The Sex Garden’s penis pump collection. It will surely satisfy your erotic cravings!

                What to do next?

                Are you looking for some good addition to your sex toy collection? Then check out these penis pumps products from The Sex Garden. You might find the best one for your erotic scene! Click here now!

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