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                In recent years, pleasure toys have gained popularity. With that, many women started to embrace their sexuality and begin to experiment with sex toys. They enjoyed using adult toys that are specifically made for them. These include dildos, vibrators, clitoral stimulators, female pumps and many more. Among these toys, female pumps are one of the best toys to be used if you want to enhance orgasm.

                When a female pump is used correctly, it will intensify your sexual experience. Whether you used it solo or with a partner, you can discover a whole new sensation. To understand more about this female sex toy, below are some insights about it.

                What are female pumps?

                Other terms for female pumps are clit or clitoral pump, suction toy, pussy pump or clit sucking toys. This pleasure toy helps women to get aroused by increasing the blood flow to their genitals. Like penis pump, it consists of a suction cup. Its suction cup aims to draw blood to the labia and clitoris.

                The use of this sex toy is not limited to sexual pleasure. In fact, it is recommended by most physicians to treat female sexual problems such as anorgasmia. It is a sexual dysfunction wherein a woman can’t achieve orgasm despite sufficient stimulation.

                Types of female or clitoral pumps

                Generally, there are three primary types of female pumps to be used. These include the following:

                • Simple clitoral pumps – this type of clitoral pump has a suction cup and a manual pump. The cup is connected to the pump via a silicone or rubber tube.
                • Vibrating clitoral pumps – this pump comes with a vibrating bullet and remote control. Certain types have a built-in vibrating mechanism that has a control button on the device.
                • Double-sided clitoral pump – typically, this type has a smooth and textured cup to experience more intense stimulation.

                How to choose female pumps

                To choose the right pump, it is vital to consider your personal preferences. Quality should also be your priority to keep you safe. Moreover, the product cost should be taken into consideration. You also have to find the most reputable store where you can buy the best female pumps to be used. Then finally, purchase those that will match your needs.

                How to use a female pump

                Even though a traditional female pump looks complicated, they’re easy to use. To get started, an adequate amount of lube must be applied to the edges of the suction cup. This is to provide comfort, better suction and keep the toy in place.

                Once you put the cup in place, slowly pump the clitoris/vulva to your desired sensation. But make sure you know where to find the release valve. This will enable you to quickly release the air if you’re done.

                When using a female pump, always keep in mind that experts recommended using it for not more than 10 minutes at a time.

                Tips for starting out with female pumps

                • Start slow

                Trying something new might bring excitement to your relationship. But you have to understand that certain pumps can be more intense than other sex toys. So you have to start slow. It is also necessary to be familiar with this toy before using it for yourself or your partner.

                • Test it first in your arm

                Before you put something on your sensitive part, knowing how the device works and how its various setting feels like is vital. One way to do this is to test the setting of your female pump on your arm in a lighter setting.

                • Be cautious with more intense pumps

                Female pumps are not created equal. Some types are stronger. These types can help to make the genital look larger. If you find this pump interesting, you have to be cautious in using it to prevent any possible damage to your genital area.

                • Combining female pumps with other toys

                Female pumps can also be used along with other adult toys to achieve great orgasm. After pumping to your desired stimulation, remove the pump. Then start stimulating your clit by using a vibrator to enhance sensitivity.

                The clitoris is full of nerve endings. Hence, direct stimulation after using your female pump could be too intense. So you have to start slowly. You can gradually increase the intensity for more a satisfying experience. To experiment with new levels of stimulation, you can also try adding vaginal massage.

                On the other hand, using a vibrating female pump is enough to reach orgasm without any additional stimulation since they come in various speeds, patterns and intensities.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s female pumps?

                • Different varieties

                Female pumps in this collection come in various shapes and sizes to cater to the various needs of the customers. Their wide array of choices will help you to decide which one will best suit your personal preferences.

                • Affordable and quality products

                If you want to start out with female pumps, The Sex Garden offers the most affordable products for you to try. You will never go wrong in purchasing these items since they are all of good quality.

                What’s next?

                A quality female pump has the potential to transform your sex life to a new level. It can also be a great addition to your sex toy collection. If you’re interested, grab these items here now. Browse this collection and feel free to get your best pick today!

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