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                Using drinking straws can be an exciting and functional way to enjoy your favourite beverage or cocktail. Since a lot of types and designs are now available on the market, choosing can be a troublesome task.

                Fortunately, this guide will give you some insights about the different types of drinking straws and the benefits of using them. Check out more of them below.

                All about straw

                A straw or drinking straw is a utensil that is meant to be used for liquid, specifically beverage to one’s mouth. Straws are generally made from plastics. However, new regulations and environmental concerns have led to the decision to use reusable and biodegradable straws. Today, straws are often made of metal, silicone or cardboard.

                Drinking straws can either have straight or angle-adjustable bellows segments. Other designs may range from animals, fruits and even erotic ones like pecker or boobs.

                Benefits of using drinking straws

                Actually, using a straw can provide some valuable benefits to your oral health. Straws can protect your teeth against cavities especially if you are consuming sugary or acidic beverages. Aside from that, straws can help people who are suffering from tooth sensitivity.

                Furthermore, drinking through a straw is more convenient for most people. When you sip your drink straight from a cup, you have to tilt it towards your face. However, you are likely to have spills when doing this. Thus, a straw is needed so that you will not tilt it too far.

                It is also a good idea to use a straw when consuming canned beverages. Since harmful bacteria can survive on aluminium can, putting your mouth directly on the lid can be unhygienic.

                Drinking from a cup can be challenging for individuals with motor disorders, strength disorders and swallowing disorders. Using a straw can help people who are suffering from these disabilities to drink their beverages with ease.

                Types of drinking straws

                Drinking straws are available in many variations using different types of material. By understanding each option, you can be sure that you choose the perfect one for your needs.

                Plastic straws

                This is the most popular form of drinking straw. It is usually made of thermoplastic polymer Polypropylene. Plastic straw is popular for its lightness, durability and affordability.

                There are different variations of plastic straw. It can be bendy straw, spoon straw or crazy straw. Bendy straw is commonly referred to as articulated straw. It has a concertina-type hinge to allow manoeuvrability during drinking. This is mainly used in the hospital to help bed-ridden patients drink especially when they are lying down.

                Another variant of plastic straw is the spoon straw. It has a spoon-like tip that is often used for ice slush beverages. There are also other types of straw that have wider openings to sip tapioca pearls in bubble tea drinks.

                Plastic straws are also available in various forms commonly advertised as “crazy” straws. This type of straw can be entertaining for kids with its twists and turns design. For adults, there are straws with naughty and erotic designs that are usually used during bachelor and bachelorette parties.

                Reusable straws

                The increasing plastic waste in the ocean has led to the usage of reusable straws. This type of straw is primarily made of Polylactic acid (PLA), metal and silicone. PLA and silicone straws are almost similar in texture to plastic straws. Moreover, they are known to provide enough insulation for hot and cold drinks.

                On the other hand, metal straw is known to be long lasting material. Metal straws are also made from non-biodegradable material. Although it may show some signs of scratches over time, metal straws can be used again and again. This means that it is more cost-effective than restocking disposable straws. Nevertheless, you have to be careful when using a metal straw with warm beverages. This is because it becomes hot and holds the heat easily.

                Biodegradable straws

                This type of straw is typically made of paper or cardboard. They usually decay at a faster rate than plastic. Hence, this can give users a guilt-free way to sip their beverages. Paper straws can withstand hot or cold drinks. They also come in colourful and fun designs.

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                What to do next

                Do you need some fancy and naughty addition to your party? Why don’t you grab some drinking straws with erotic designs and have a good laugh! Browse here and pick your preferred straw design now!

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