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                Dildo is usually a phallic-shaped toy that is inserted in the body. Nowadays, using dildo is one of the basic yet exciting ways to stimulate and arouse yourself.

                Dildo is used for penetration and internal stimulation. It can also be used to stimulate the prostate or G-spot. Aside from that, some couples used it to tease the clitoris, anus or run across the body to get aroused.

                Today, The Sex Garden gathers the most innovative dildos in one collection. To learn more about it, below are some information about dildos.

                Buying guide

                • Size

                When it comes to size, selecting the best one for you should depend upon what has already been in your vagina or butt. You can also think about what makes you enjoyed the most. You can go for something with the sensation of fullness, being stretched by something larger or dildo with a bulbous head that strokes your G-spot. By doing that, you can easily decide what size you really want.

                For beginners, you can start with small-sized dildos with no texture. There are also some dildos that have a uniform width that is perfect for novices.

                • Material

                Stay away from dildos that are made of jelly, rubber, PVC, cyberskin or UR3 materials. These dildos are usually painted. Aside from that, they have a foul smell and not very well-made.

                • Shapes and features

                When purchasing a dildo, there are two different styles to choose from. You can either pick a dildo with a cutesy child-toy-like appearance or a realistic one.

                You can also buy a dildo with a suction cup base. This will allow you to enjoy hands-free penetration.

                Helpful tips

                • Start solo

                If it is your first time, it is recommended to use your dildo alone. Using this toy for solo play will make you feel less self-conscious. This can also give you time to figure out what sensations you prefer. Once you get used to the sensation, you can now share your preferences with a partner.

                • Get prepared

                When it comes to dildos, you can’t just rush things out without any preparation. It is vital to make sure that you are already turned on before attempting to penetrate. Aside from that, you need to be in a relaxed mood before using the toy.

                • Go slowly

                For beginners, you have to go slowly when using your new adult toy. Rushing the process won’t help you.

                It is crucial to pay close attention to how the dildo feels in your body. You can experiment with shallow penetration and slow strokes. Once you are comfortable with the feeling, you can always increase the speed and intensity.

                • Experiment

                If you are not sure what you really like yet, experimentation is much needed. You can try out quick and shallow strokes or long and deeper thrusts. Either way, you need to take your time and feel it out.

                • Try different positions

                Even if it is just your first time to use a dildo, do not be afraid to be creative with the positions while you are playing. Though it is fun to just lie on your back while using the toy, you can definitely ride on your dildo. If the dildo has a suction cup base, you can even try doggy style.

                Dildo maintenance

                • Clean the dildo before and after use – it is vital to wash your toy before you use it for the first time. You can use warm soapy water. There are also some sex toy cleaners that are specifically made to clean sex toys.
                • Be mindful of the materials – when you are using lubricants, make sure that it is compatible and safe to use with your toys. There are certain materials that can react with the lube.
                • Proper storage – always store your toys in a special box or bag after washing them. This is to avoid any lint or dust to come into contact with your dildos.

                Why should you choose dildo products

                • Numerous choices

                Dildos from this collection come in various sizes and shapes to suit customer’s preferences. They have dildos for beginners and advanced sex toy players.

                • Made from quality materials

                The Sex Garden’s dildo products are all made from quality materials. It does not contain any phthalates or any material that can harm your body. Aside from that, it is non-porous.

                • Safe on the skin

                Are you worried about having allergies or problems with your skin while using dildos? Good thing, products from this collection are guaranteed safe on the skin!

                What to do next

                To intensify your erotic play, why not use some dildos. To help you out, The Sex Garden gathered the best dildos in the market today! Hurry and check them out now! You can surely find a good dildo for your bedtime play!

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