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                Nowadays, a lot of people do not know the importance of using moisturiser for the skin. Actually, it boosts hydration, prevents dullness and flaking on your skin. At the same time, it also creates a protective layer of moisture that can last all day.

                The good news is, Lylou provides high-quality and luxurious body lotion and moisturiser to make your skin soft and glowing. They also produce stimulating gel to intensify intimate scenes. Most of their products are made of natural ingredients.

                If you are planning to use moisturiser for body and face, here is a quick guide about moisturisers. Read more below.

                Things to remember when moisturising your skin

                1. Start with a clean skin

                For the moisturiser to penetrate on your skin, make sure that all dirt and oil are removed. With that, cleansing day and night can help. However, cleansing doesn’t mean you have to use heavy-duty scrubs more than twice a week. Doing this can only result in skin irritation. Aside from that, your skin will also produce too much oil.

                On a daily basis, use a milder soap. This will not scrub essential oils on your skin. Moreover, try using a mild face wash instead of bar soaps.

                2. Know your skin type

                Before purchasing any moisturising products, knowing your skin type is important. But how can you tell your skin type? People with sensitive skin usually reddens easily. Also, they experience burning and stinging sensation when they are exposed to harsh ingredients like benzoic acid, lactic acid salicylic acid, etc.

                Moreover, other people will examine the condition of their T-zone (area across the forehead and straight down your chin) to determine their skin type.

                When it has a matte surface, then you have dry skin. If it is greasy, then you have oily skin. But if it is slightly shiny, you may have normal or combination skin.

                3. Revive your skin at night

                Night is a perfect time to renew your skin. Using moisturisers before going to bed can make your skin soft, more hydrated and better looking the next day. Apart from that, it easily seals in the moisture on your skin.

                4. Use sunscreen

                The fact is, no matter how much you moisturise your skin, low levels of UV exposure can damage your skin. Thus, it is important to put on some sunscreen to protect it against UV damage.

                5. Moisturising reduces the chances of having skin problems

                An appropriate kind of moisturiser for your skin can help maintain its balance. When your skin is too dry or too oily, it may be at risk of many skin problems such as acne.

                According to experts, if you have oily skin, look for lotions instead of creams. Moreover, find a moisturiser that has exfoliant ingredient. On the other hand, if you have dry skin, go with a cream. This has higher oil content than lotions.

                6. Using moisturisers can reduce the appearance of other blemishes

                When you moisturise your skin, you tend to have a healthy glow. Furthermore, moisturising can even out any existing blemishes on your skin. Some moisturisers also have tint or self-tanner. This type of moisturiser can work with any skin tone.

                7. Moisturising helps your skin look young

                Your skin, particularly the most sensitive areas, replaces itself more often compared to any other areas on your body. These sensitive areas include your face, ears, chest and neck.

                Since skin cells are lost on a daily basis, this will leave the sensitive areas vulnerable to dryness. As a matter of fact, they are at high risk for skin cancer.

                To prevent this, moisturising your skin can give the boost it needs to repair itself. Doing this can also keep your skin healthy.

                8. Moisturising fight wrinkles

                As you may notice, your skin becomes plump and firm every time you use moisturiser. This is not an illusion. According to experts, people who moisturise their skin properly are less prone to having wrinkles.

                9. It is a perfect finishing touch after a hot shower

                Taking a hot shower feels great and refreshing. However, showering can strip the moisture out of your skin. To lessen this, do not forget to put on some moisturiser after shower. This will make your skin clean. Aside from that, you will be protected from stress.

                Why should you choose Lylou moisturising products

                • It has a sensual scent

                Lylou products are not your typical moisturisers. It doesn’t only make your skin soft and glowing, but also has a unique sensual scent. This will also give you a more relaxing feeling.

                • Made from natural ingredients

                Lylou’s glamour lotion is made of natural vine life extracts. It also contains white tea which has antioxidant and anti aging.

                • Safe for sensitive skin

                Lylou products are made from organic components. Thus, it is safe for people with sensitive skin. Their products have combination of grapeseed oil, vitamin E and cocoa butter.

                What’s next?

                Using the right moisturiser for your skin can make you “look good and feel good”. Thus, using Lylou products is a great idea. Lylou will give your skin a charming glow that other products can’t provide.

                If you are interested, check out Lylou’s collection of products here. You will surely find a product that is appropriate for your skin needs.

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