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                One of the easiest ways to spice things up and bring fun in the bedroom is by combining sex with food and body sauces. This act of incorporating food into the bedroom is known as “food play”. This particular play can help couples to heighten their arousal and elevate their senses during foreplay or during sex.

                For beginners, food play can be overwhelming. They might be confused as to where and how to start. To help you get started, read on below and learn more about the different foods, sensual sauces or condiments that can be used. Also, discussed here are the few tips on how to include them in your sexual activity.

                Suggested sex condiments

                Basically, there are lots of condiments to be used for food play. Read on below.

                • Whipped cream

                Aside from being delicious, whipped cream also has a fluffy and sticky consistency. So if you spray it in your nipple or other erogenous parts of your body, it will stay put in there. And once your partner licked it off, it can be a perfect treat for the both of you.

                Moreover, it can be used as a segue way before giving your partner oral sex. You can do this by creating a line from your lover’s neck down to just above his genital. Then, start licking your way down. After you eat them out, you can proceed by giving them a blow job. However, if you and your partner have vagina, you should beware of using it into the labia to avoid yeast infection.

                • Chocolate syrup

                Using chocolate syrup can be a bit messier than other body condiments for food play. This is because after drizzling chocolate syrup over your partner’s body, more tongue action is required to lick it off. Nonetheless, your lover will surely get aroused with this act.

                In addition, you can use chocolate syrup to write message of love on your partner’s body. Since it is drippy like paint, it also works better for body art. However, it is worth noting that chocolate syrup contains sugar. Thus, putting this syrup inside the vagina is not a good idea.

                • Honey

                Honey can be a great addition if you want to play fun games in the bedroom. One way to use it is by placing an ample amount of honey in any part of your body. Then, let your partner find the honey using their lips or tongue. This adult game can be a pleasurable activity during foreplay.

                How to mix sex with food and body sauces in bed

                1. Keep it light and sweet

                Food play can be an effective appetizer before your intimate scene begins. But you have to just stick on using sweets for your food play. Avoid using savoury and spicy condiments because it might burn your skin and eyes. If you love candies, you can use ice cream toppings. These may include marshmallow crème and caramel sauce or combination of the two.

                Moreover, keep in mind that eating too much before your sexual intercourse will make you and your partner sluggish.

                2. Keep food away from the private parts

                Mixing food and sauces in your private parts is not recommended. Doing this can cause potential infections and even skin irritations.

                There are actually plenty of erogenous safe zones where you can place the food during food play. You just have to explore them. But among the safest way to stimulate your lover during “food play” is by placing the foods on those parts above the waist.

                3. Engage your senses

                Your senses play an important role if you want to incorporate food in your sexual activity. Hence, you should not only consider the taste of the food. Its smell and even how it feels good on your bare skin is also vital.

                If you want to make things hot, use the one that can be heated up like honey, chocolate syrup and certain body sauces. You can also use the opposite of it such as popsicles, ice or frozen grapes. Just play around with these hot and cold items by running them over your lover’s body.

                4. Be prepared

                For easy clean-up after food play, prepare towels or sheets, tissue or baby wipes. Using drizzle bottle for condiments can also make your food play tidier. It can even keep your hands clean.

                5. Have fun and enjoy

                To have an exciting foreplay, being creative in using food and body sauces can help. But before considering food play as part of your erotic scene, both couples must agree to this activity to make it more enjoyable.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s body sauces?

                • Safe to use

                The customer’s safety is always the priority of The Sex Garden. With their body sauces, you will definitely enjoy your food play with your partner. Items in this collection are only made from quality ingredients to keep you safe while using it.

                • Affordable

                Aside from being safe, body sauces from this collection can help you enjoy your food play without spending a lot of money. To narrow down your options, The Sex Garden collected here the high-quality yet affordable products.

                What’s next?

                Adding food during sex can be seductive. Just make use of some foods and body sauces to put on your partner’s body and let the fun begin.

                If you want to try food play, feel free to browse in this collection of body sauces and try them on your next intimate scene!

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