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                Cleansing wipes are known to be one of the most versatile cleaning products today. Together with their high performance, they offer convenience to a lot of people.

                Wipes come in various styles these days. You can find something that has different scents, extra thick wipes, refill packs, reusable wipes, all-natural wipes, flip-top packs and many more.

                To know more about cleansing wipes, here is a quick guide for you. Make sure to read this first before making a purchase.

                Categories of wipes

                To help you make the right choices when buying cleansing wipes, here are their 2 main categories. Learn more below.

                Dry wipes

                They are disposable wipes that are used to cleanse and dry things. It can be used as a replacement for flannel or recyclable cloth in cleaning. Moreover, they are used to mop up spillages or cleaning hard surfaces.

                Dry wipes have many types. Each of those serves a specific purpose. Read on below for more details.

                • Standard/Everyday wipes

                This type of wipes is ideal for large volume use. It is usually made of thinner material. Thus, they are cost-effective.

                • Heavyweight wipes

                This type of dry wipes is a more durable version than standard wipes. It typically contains a relative amount of viscose. This is to improve its “wipe-ability” when cleaning surfaces.

                • Washcloths

                This is the closest style to a disposable flannel. It is made of heavyweight material. They are safe to use in the body especially for adult cleansing.

                • Extra soft wipes

                This is perfect to use for people who are looking for something gentle on the skin. This type of wipes is also more absorbent than the others. This is a good choice for individuals with delicate younger skin or elderly skin.

                • Flushable wipes

                Flushable wipes are mostly used in nursery, medical and healthcare environments. They are the ideal wipes for body cleansing, adult continence and toileting for children.

                These wipes are made of a material that is capable to break up and dissolves easily when disposed in water. This means that they are safe to be flushed in the toilet. They are also environmentally friendly.

                Wet wipes

                They are generally used as a substitute for soap and water when cleansing. This is true especially when running water is not accessible. Unlike dry wipes, wet wipes usually come pre-saturated.

                As an overview, wet wipes were developed in 1958. It was initially introduced as “moist towelette”. Until in 1962, a famous fast-food chain restaurant decided to provide a free wet-nap on every meal. This was the earliest version of wipes where they simply used detergent-soaked paper.

                Below are the common types of wet wipes.

                • Bedbath wipes

                This type of wet wipes is large and has a softer cloth. This is ideal for cleansing bedridden patients.

                • Baby wipes

                This type of wipes is specially made for babies’ sensitive skin. They are usually formulated to be gentle and unscented for baby’s poop clean-ups.

                • Disinfectant wipes

                This type of wipes is widely used at home. They are utilised in cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. They are also used to sanitise surfaces such as dining tables and desks. If running water is not available, it can be used to clean cutlery and plates.

                Certain brands of wipes contain active viricidal and biocidal components that are combined with alcohol. This makes the product easy to dry. This can also make them effective against harmful viruses. Moreover, other variants are capable of fighting bacteria associated with food poisoning.

                • Speciality wipes

                This type of wet wipes is formulated to work on specific problem areas. For instance, graffiti wipes can help remove all sorts of marks and graffiti. There are also wipes for offices to keep their workplace clean. This is usually soaked in an alcohol-based cleaning solution to make various surfaces hygienic.

                • Industrial wipes

                They are created to remove different kinds of grease and dirt from hands and tools while working. It usually has an abrasive side to remove dirt easily.

                Industrial wipes come in various types. It can be hygienic rolls, centrefeed, large rolls, single sheets and rags. Each of these is used for specific purposes.

                Why should you use The Sex Garden's Wipes

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                What to do next

                If you are interested to try these products, go ahead and browse this collection of wipes from The Sex Garden. You will definitely find the most excellent items for your needs. Tap here to see more products!

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