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                For those men who enjoyed playing solo, using a sex toy can give them a big difference. The fact that a sex toy is considered as a useful tool for masturbation, it can definitely provide you with additional sensations. They can also make your experience more pleasurable and enjoyable.

                There are certain adult toys that are designed to imitate the vagina. These pleasure toys are commonly used during masturbation to stimulate the penis. One of the well-known sex toys that most men used during solo play is the stroker. If you are not familiar with this sex toy, provided here are valuable insights about auto strokers.

                All about stroker

                Basically, a stroker is a discreet male masturbator. Inside this adult toy is a textured canal to stimulate the penis. And the outside part of it is often ridged to ensure a good grip while using them.

                Certain strokers are powered by an electric motor. It is known as auto stroker or automatic stroker. This type of stroker can simulate the movements of the actual sexual intercourse.

                Nowadays, there are numerous male strokers to choose from. They just vary in textures, sizes and prices. In addition, several strokers can replicate the tightness, texture and even the sensations of your mouth, vagina, or anus.

                The best material for auto stroker

                The type of material for auto-stroker is crucial to determine the sensation to expect. The best type of material for this particular sex toy is Sil-a-gel, cyberskin and the like. This is because it is a realistic type of material that can provide more pleasure.

                Benefits of using auto stroker

                • Help men to intensify their experience during solo play

                Auto strokers are specifically designed to be tight-fitting. Thus, climax is relatively fast when it is used by men during masturbation.

                Moreover, the tightness and smoother features of this toy make it more realistic. Aside from that, the additional motor provides deep and pleasing thrust. Hence, it leads to stronger ejaculation, long-lasting erection and more powerful orgasm.

                • Help men who struggle with premature ejaculation

                Men who struggle with premature ejaculation can use auto stroker as a training tool. Apart from giving them the best experience during masturbation, this toy can definitely help to increase their sexual endurance.

                Safety tips in using auto stroker

                Auto strokers are a great alternative if you want to release sexual tension especially when your partner is not around. However, the continuous use of this type of sex toy needs extra care. Since the material that is commonly used for stroker is the realistic type of material, it can be easily damaged if you don’t know how to use them properly. The precautions below will help to make your stroker last longer:

                1. Auto strokers are often made from Cyberskin material. This type of material is porous, so it can possibly pick up dust easily. Hence, it is necessary to store your toy in a dust-free area to ensure that they are clean at all times.
                2. Storing your stroker in a plastic bag is also important to protect your toy and prevent it from degrading.
                3. When using strokers, don’t forget to apply an ample amount of lube to your toy.  Water-based lube is the best option for this type of sex toy. This is because Cyberskin is known to have silicone content. Using other types of lubricant can damage your toy.
                4. Various companies offer a renew powder to reduce the stickiness of the stroker after use. Renew powder is just a simple corn starch mixture. This mixture can help to keep the texture of the toy silky smooth especially if it is made from cyberskin materials.
                5. The fact that cyberskin material is stretchable, it is suggested not to keep your stroker close to sharp objects. Sharp objects can tear and rip your toy.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s auto stroker?

                • High-quality products

                When it comes to quality products, The Sex Garden gathered the best auto stroker in the market today. Most of their auto strokers are made from quality materials. Apart from that, they also have powerful motors to intensify your experience.

                • Durable

                Auto stroker in this collection is also durable. With proper care of their products, it will surely give you more time for pleasurable solo sessions.

                • Affordable

                Aside from giving you the best product, The Sex Garden’s collection of auto stroker is also budget-friendly. The products in this collection can give you the best experience without spending more money.

                What’s next?

                With a lot of online stores where you can buy sex toys, it’s crucial to choose the one whom you can trust. With The Sex Garden’s collection of auto stroker, you will surely get the best auto stroker to provide you with great pleasure. Their products will also give you an amazing experience ever!

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