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                SpareParts is a US-based company which specialise in manufacturing beautiful and durable harnesses. Their products are sexy and stylish which are comfortable to use. It is also versatile for a variety of functions. They succeeded in producing handcrafted harnesses using high quality materials.

                With their continuous research, development and testing, Spareparts officially launched its first and signature product in 2005. This product is the Joque Harness. Recently, they launched the La Palma which is the first-ever hand harness.

                With this, they became more popular in producing quality and stylish harness in the market today. To give you some insights about harness, read on here.

                What is harness?

                Body harness is a piece of BDSM gear that is commonly worn as bondage clothing or used as a restraint. Typically, it is made of leather that is secured over the body through 1-2 centimetres wide straps and buckles. Most of them are usually designed to fit the needs of men and women.

                Variations of Harness

                Harnesses have different styles. Some harness has strategically straps and buckles that may be used to restrain the arms and legs. While other variants have openings and hold dildos, suspension gears, and other sex toys.

                Harness materials

                According to history, the first-ever strap-on harnesses were made from leather. Probably, it remains the most popular choice for customers until now.

                Leather has a low risk of scraping or chafing bare skin. This means that leather harness will require no additional padding in order to prevent damage during sexual play.

                In addition, Spareparts’ leather harnesses are quite durable. A well-cared leather harness can last for several years without needing to be replaced.

                Some questions to ask before purchasing harness

                There is a wide range of harness styles and materials available in Spareparts brand. Options might seem overwhelming, especially if this is your first time purchasing this item. When choosing one, here are some questions that you should ask yourself.

                • Is the harness adjustable?

                Generally, adjustable harnesses are considered to be the most flexible. Just like the Spareparts’ harnesses, it can fit to people of all shapes and sizes. Furthermore, if you choose an adjustable harness, you do not need to worry about taking accurate measurements. Thus, careful fitting before making a purchase is not needed.

                However, if the harness is available in one size only and cannot be adjusted, select the one which fits you as close as possible. Taking key measurements is highly recommended before purchasing. These key measurements include the circumference of your waist and thighs, distance from your belly button to genitals, and the curve of your buttocks.

                • Is this harness comfortable to use

                Prior to your purchase, it is necessary to know if the harness that you choose is comfortable to use. Furthermore, the harness may cause irritations if you have sensitive skin or material allergies. Thus, you have to be careful.

                • Is this harness easy to put on or take off?

                A good harness should be easy to put on and remove. In addition, if you want to have access to your strap-on when the mood strikes, choose the harness that is easy to store. It should be hang up or fold and does not tangle.

                • Is this harness easy to clean?

                In general, machine washable harnesses are significantly hassle-free. It takes less time to maintain compared to those which are washed by hand. However, some may consider the necessity of hand washing harness to protect the high-quality materials used, such as genuine leather.

                • Does it feature any add-ons?

                Some harness like the Spareparts brand offers additional features that allow the wearer to feel exhilarating pleasure. These harnesses have the ability to use double-headed dildos which can penetrate both partners.

                Why should you use Spareparts?

                Innovative products

                Spareparts’ harness is the most innovative product of its kind. It is perfectly designed to be the ultimate in comfort and versatility.

                Comfortable to use

                Spareparts’ harness is commonly crafted with Nylon or Poly-Spandex. It has a soft, sensual mesh that provides the user comfort for extended periods of time. Aside from the soft materials, it also has a locking mechanism to keep the straps and harness secured while playing.


                Most of the Spareparts products are adjustable. This will allow the wearer to use either one or two toys, or their penis and a toy, to provide sexual enjoyment.

                What’s next?

                Do you want to try harness as part of your sexual routine? Then here is the perfect brand for you. Spareparts harnesses are made from durable, breathable materials to offer optimum comfort and versatility. The patented design of Spareparts’ products adapts to your size and shape. Thus, this will provide maximum pleasure for both wearer and receiver.

                Aside from the perfect fit, their harnesses are also compatible with wide variety of sex toys. So what are you waiting for? Grab your harness here! Here is their collection of harness. Pick the one that will best suit your sexual needs.

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