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                Get Fifi is a brand of high-quality adult toys for men. This brand produces sex toys particularly male masturbator. One of its popular features is its disposable masturbation sleeve. It is advertised as a mess-free alternative to other forms of masturbation.

                Unlike any other masturbation sleeves, this toy is a piece of fabric sewed around a polyethylene foam. To use, you have to slide in a disposable latex liner into its opening. Then you can start your masturbating. After using it, you can take out the liner and throw it away.

                This makes the product unique from other brands. You can even use it for solo play or whatever you wish. If you are new to masturbation sleeves, read below to learn more.

                Quick overview of masturbations sleeves

                The vast majority of people believe that sex toys are just for women. From vibrators, dildos, balls and eggs, and even anal toys are all designed for women. The reality is that there are also a lot of sex toys for men out there.

                Masturbation sleeves or male masturbators are good examples of these sex toys. These are flexible tubes that are made to enclose the penis. It is usually used to enhance masturbation. Generally, masturbation sleeves are designed with textures and bumps inside to increase sensation.

                Guide in choosing sleeves

                Before purchasing any masturbation sleeves, ask yourself the following questions. In that way, you will know what type of sleeve is suitable for you.

                • What is your budget? Choosing your ideal sleeves will always depend on your budget. This can range from $10 to $150.
                • What kind of texture do you prefer? When it comes to texture, you will find everything from bumps to ridges. Even indescribable textures are available nowadays. If you are still doubtful, look for a sleeve that is irreversible. Touch and feel its bumps to figure out which one you prefer the most.
                • Do you want suction? There are other types of masturbation sleeves that are designed with suction cups. These sleeves are usually closed at one end.
                • How discreet do you want it to be? Some masturbation sleeves are designed to be small and portable. You may not even notice that it a masturbation sleeve.
                • Do you want your partner to use it on you? If you prefer this, choose a lightweight sleeve. In this way, it will be easier for your partner to stroke the sleeves back and forth.

                Things that must be considered

                • Decide on an orifice

                One of the ways to enhance sexual enjoyment is through visual elements. This is why most masturbation sleeves come in different designs. Some are designed to look like vaginal entrance, anal entrance or even a set of soft lips.

                If you don’t enjoy any particular look, choose the one with neutral design. Get Fifi’s masturbation sleeve is an example of sleeve with neutral.

                • Pick your ideal material

                Most sleeves are made from soft and stretchy materials. A popular example of this material is jelly. Usually, jelly materials are affordable. However, this may have a strange odour.

                Other sleeves are made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or TPR (thermoplastic rubber) materials. Basically, this material is odourless. It is also very stretchy same as the jelly ones. But, this material may be more expensive than the other one.

                • Identify the right size

                When it comes to size, you must be very careful in choosing the right one. Your personal penis size can be different from the others. For that reason, most sleeves come in various lengths and widths.

                When choosing, go for sleeves that are not too snug. It must be comfortable to wear. If it is too tight, consider trying a different size.

                Why should you choose Get Fifi masturbation sleeves

                There are various reasons why you should choose Get Fifi’s masturbation sleeves. Here are some of them.

                Low maintenance

                If you are looking for male sleeves that require minimal clean-up, then Get Fifi is the right one for you. You don’t need to wash the product every after use.

                Easy to clean

                Get Fifi’s products are reusable and easy to clean masturbation sleeves. They are perfect for men who are always on the go! After masturbating, just take out the liner, throw it away and you’re done!

                Unique design

                Compared to other masturbation sleeves, Get Fifi has a very flexible tube wherein you can insert a disposable liner. The product is also lightweight. Since it has a unique and discreet design, you can’t immediately recognise that it is a male masturbator. It is not as obvious as it is.

                What to do next?

                For men who are active and always on the go, you may want to try Get Fifi’s masturbation sleeves. It is simple and easy to use. Apart from that, the clean-up process is totally stress-free.

                Their male masturbator is specifically designed to experience hassle-free sex. If you are interested, browse here to see more of their products.

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