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                In recent years, sex toy manufacturers tirelessly work to produce great products. They often come up with more creative and innovative designs to closely mimic the experience of the real male and female genitalia. These adult toys that look and feel like real genitals are commonly known as realistic sex toys.

                Nowadays, you can find various types of realistic sex toys. These include dildos, vibrators, masturbators and sex dolls. The most common among these adult toys are realistic dildos. This type of sex toy provides a more realistic experience as they normally look and feel like a real penis. For further insights about realistic dildo, continue reading here.

                Benefits of using a realistic dildo

                Provide incredible stimulation

                A replicated penis with bulging veins, lifelike shape and firm erection can definitely provide a pleasurable experience. Moreover, a realistic dildo with a testicle is another fantastic feature that heightens clitoral stimulation during sexual play. On top of that, additional texture in a realistic dildo usually provides extra touch.

                On-demand pleasure

                During any sexual activity, the male erection should be firm and flexible. This is to have a comfortable fit and easy insertion. Good thing, the majority of realistic dildos have these special features. This makes them ready to use at all times.

                When using a realistic dildo, make sure to apply plenty of water-based lube to make your erotic play more exciting and pleasurable.

                Experiment with different sex positions

                A realistic dildo with a suction cup is perfect to use if you want to experiment with different sex positions. You can stick them on any flat surface such as the bathroom wall and even on the bedroom door. With this toy, you can explore various sex positions without using your hands to keep them in place.

                Variety of sizes and colours available

                No penises are created equal or identical. They come in different sizes. That’s why realistic dildos also come in various lengths and girths. With their variety of sizes, you can explore them until you find the one that fits your preferences.

                Even though a flesh-coloured dildo generally resembles the real penis, you can also opt for a realistic dildo with variant colours. They typically have the same detailing. Apart from that, they can provide the same feeling even their colours are different from the real ones.

                Materials for realistic dildos


                There’s no doubt that silicone is definitely the best and safest material for realistic dildos. This is because they’re latex-free, non-porous, odourless, phthalate-free and hypoallergenic. Apart from being safe to use, this type of material is extremely lifelike to touch. A realistic dildo that is made from silicone can also last for a lifetime especially if you give them proper care.

                PVC and Rubber

                The most common materials used for realistic dildos are PVC and rubber. However, they typically have a strong plastic smell and unnatural shine. Likewise, these materials are porous. They contain phthalates and non-body-safe material. Hence, sex toys that are made from these types of materials should be avoided.

                TPE and TPR

                These types of materials have the same appearance as PVC and rubber. They are more pliable in nature. This makes them the perfect material for masturbators.

                Like PVC and rubber, they are also porous. What makes TPE and TPR step up from other porous materials is that they’re usually latex-free and phthalate-free. So, for as long as you keep your dildo always clean, you don’t need to worry about TPE and TPR material.

                Things to consider when purchasing a realistic dildo

                To ensure that you’ll be getting the best experience, the following should be considered when purchasing realistic dildos.

                • Size and density – These are important considerations when choosing a realistic dildo. You have to know which size and density you need. This is to make the best out of your experience with this toy.
                • Dual densities – A realistic dildo must have dual densities to make it more lifelike. This means that the dildo must have a soft outer layer and firm inner core to provide a more realistic feel.
                • Texture – Even though a realistic dildo aims to be lifelike, they still vary in texture. The usual features seen in a realistic dildo are the head of the penis and its veins. Furthermore, some realistic dildos have additional designs such as pores and foreskin. But unlike the typical ones, a realistic dildo with added designs is more expensive.
                  If you’re new in the world of sex toys, it’s suggested to go for something with minimal texture. Just work your way up until you find the best toy that will heighten your level of enjoyment.
                • The base – When purchasing a realistic dildo, it is suggested to pick the one with a base. This is because they are generally safe to use for anal play. Aside from that, a realistic dildo with a base is usually harnessed compatible.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden realistic dildos

                • Comes in a variety of sizes

                If you’re unsure of the size you need, The Sex Garden offers a variety of options to get the best one that fits you. Moreover, various lengths and girth sizes are also available in this collection. This is to allow you to experiment with different sensations.

                • Made from quality materials

                To ensure the safety of their customers, The Sex Garden only gathered those products that are made from high-quality materials.

                What’s next?

                Do you want to own a toy that has the look, texture and feel of a real penis? If so, The Sex Garden can offer everything you need when it comes to a realistic dildo. Just tap this collection and get the best realistic dildo that suits your needs and desires. Grab yours now!

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