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                Vibrating dongs are basically dildos that vibrate. They are also called vibrators. But this type of vibrator has a strong resemblance to a penis compared to a regular vibrator.

                This type of dildo is designed for deeper penetration. Most vibrating dongs are used during vaginal or anal sex. Some of them have built-in vibrating mechanisms. Other variants have removable vibes. This can allow the user to operate them just like traditional dildos. Vibrating dongs can also be used during solo play or couple’s sex.

                In order to learn and understand more about vibrating dongs, here is a quick overview on vibrating dongs. You can check them out below.

                Things to consider when buying vibrating dongs

                Vibrating dongs are made to satisfy you in bed. But in order for this device to work just the way you want it, you must know first what you prefer for a sex toy. To guide you on your first vibrating dong purchase, here are the things that you have to consider.

                Vibration intensity

                Many vibrating dongs come with different settings that allow the user to select their preferred intensity. This dong usually has various vibration rhythms and strengths. This can range from gentle touch to powerful pulsation. With this type of dong, the user can experiment with different sensations.

                Moreover, there are other types of dong with one vibration setting. This dong is perfect for those who are just starting out with vibrating dongs.


                Vibrating dongs usually come in various shapes. There are curved shape dongs that are ideal for G-spot stimulation. This type of dong can also be used for anal play. Moreover, other options have flared base and ergonomic handle. These features prevent the dong from getting stuck inside the body.

                Size and texture

                For beginners, it is a good idea to start with something small and simple. This is also ideal for those who have never had sex before.

                Moreover, if it is your first time to use a dong, opt for a smooth one. Once you get used to the toy, you can try the more complex options. These can have ridges or twisted designs.

                Tips in using vibrating dongs

                Get yourself prepared

                To get the most of your experience, it is vital to get yourself ready before attempting any penetration. To do this, you have to masturbate first. You should also try to relax before using the toy. Aside from that, make sure to prepare your personal lubricant for easy insertion.

                Experiment is the key

                The key to a satisfying experience is to experiment with your toy. Play around with its various rhythms and speeds. You can also try shallow and quick strokes all over your body or long and deep thrusts.

                Always start slow

                Starting slow is important when using a vibrating dong especially for first-timers. You also have to pay attention to every sensation as you experiment with different strokes. Once you get used to it, try to increase the intensity and speed for a more pleasurable experience.

                How to take care of your vibrating dongs

                Wash them before and after use

                Always remember to clean your vibrating dongs before and after use. You can wash them using warm water and mild soap. You can also use some sex toy cleaner to sanitise it. If they are not waterproof, you can simply wipe them with a clean cloth.

                Check the materials

                Don’t forget to check what your vibrating dong is made of. This is to make sure that the lube you use is safe and compatible with your sex toy. There are certain materials that can damage your toy. Thus, you must be cautious when choosing the materials.

                Store them properly

                To keep your toy free from dust, it is vital to store them in a clean bag or box after sanitising them. There are some toys with a special drawstring bag that are meant for storing. You can use them to make your toys clean and discreet. This can also make your vibrating dongs more travel-friendly.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden Vibrating dongs

                • Many options are available

                At The Sex Garden, there is a wide range of options available for you! Whatever shape, size or texture you want, they can surely provide it to satisfy your erotic needs.

                • Inexpensive products

                Enjoy G-spot stimulation or anal play using these affordable items. This collection of vibrating dongs is perfect for those single and couples who are on a tight budget.

                What to do next

                If you are interested in this sex toy, go ahead and check out this collection of vibrating dongs from The Sex Garden. These products will definitely make your next erotic encounter more exhilarating. What are you waiting for? Click here now to see more items from The Sex Garden.

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