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                Precious Metals is one of the sub-brands of Loving Joy collection of sex toys. They specialise in producing high-quality butt plugs. Their products are specially designed to provide enjoyment during anal play.

                Through their packaging, customers always give a great impression on their products. Most of their butt plugs are well wrapped in tissue and with pouch. This pouch can be used to store and protect the product when not in use.

                If you want to introduce butt plug in your sex life, then here is a quick preview about this sex toy.

                What are butt plugs?

                Butt plug is an anal toy that is designed to be inserted in the rectum for sexual pleasure. This sex toy is commonly shaped like a teardrop. In some ways, butt plugs are almost similar to a dildo, but they tend to be shorter. It has a wider base that prevents them from sucked in the rectum.

                Butt plugs like the Precious Metals come in various colours, shapes and textures. Some may look like a penis, while others are ribbed or wavy.

                Butt plugs are also made from different materials but the most common ones are made of latex. Other materials used include silicone, neoprene, wood, metal, glass, stone and others. Among these materials, silicone butt plugs are particularly good to use because it can be disinfected using boiling water.

                Choosing a butt plug

                Deciding which butt plug to use can be difficult, especially when you are unfamiliar with this toy. To properly guide you, read on here.

                • Butt plugs for beginners

                For first-timers, there are a few choices available to make your first butt plug experience more enjoyable. You can use simple plugs, such as classic or jewelled variants. It is also advised to go for smaller butt plugs with longer stems. This will allow the user to insert it easily into the rectum.

                Furthermore, Precious Metals butt plug is made of silicone which is safe for first-timer. This butt plug is soft which makes it more comfortable to wear.

                • Butt plugs for couples

                Butt plugs are not just for solo play! Many couples also enjoy sharing this sex toy.

                Vibrating and wireless butt plugs can also be used for couple’s play. These butt plugs can give more pleasure while your partner is holding the remote control.

                On the other hand, if you want extreme stimulation, an electroshock butt plug is the best choice for you. This can give small shocks to your partner which can lead to a more pleasurable experience. You can also enjoy using this butt plug in a kinkier way by incorporating elements of BDSM.

                • Butt plugs for Anal Stretching

                For anal stretching, the type of butt plug to be used will always depend on experience level. Probably if you are a beginner, you should start with the anal training kit. This will give you a variety of sizes that will suit your preferences. For some people, the largest plug will definitely give them the stretch they desire.

                To take your stretch to the next level, you can try an inflatable or expanding plug. This plug is easy to insert inside your butt. Once inside, you can let them expand or inflate. As it expands, you can feel the increasing stretch in the anus.

                • Butt plugs for men

                Anal play for men is all about stimulating the prostate. Therefore, prostate massager is recommended for those who are interested in plugs. It provides them with the most intense and enjoyable feelings. The curved design of the prostate massager perfectly hits the prostate glands. Hence, it will give men an experience that they will never forget.

                • Butt plugs for women

                There are no specific plugs which can provide women with more or less pleasure. It all depends on their personal preferences. Generally, most women tend to enjoy vibrating plugs. The vibrations can stimulate both the vagina and clitoris which is essential in order to reach orgasm.

                Most women prefer the tail, jewelled or princess plugs. Fortunately, Precious Metals have gorgeous designs available!

                Why choose Precious Metals butt plug?

                High-quality material

                Butt plugs from Precious Metals are made of stainless steel from China. They only used quality materials to secure the safety of the consumer.

                Easy to clean

                Most Precious Metals butt plugs are compatible with water, silicone or oil-based lubricants. This makes it easy to clean. You can wash it with lukewarm, soapy water or specialised adult toy cleaner.

                Great design

                Unlike any other teardrop-shaped butt plug, Precious Metals anal plug has an elongated pointed tip for easy insertion. The base is wide enough to ensure that the product won’t accidentally submerge itself fully in the anal passage.

                What’s next?

                If you want to enjoy anal play, using Precious Metals butt plugs will be the best one for you. Choose the best anal plug that will suit to your sexual needs. Grab it here in their collection of butt plugs. Enjoy using Precious Metals butt plug!

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