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                For those who have bought a sex toy that requires some accessories, then you must see this! To make the most of your erotic experience, The Sex Garden provides you with high-quality sex toy accessories. These products include toy cleaners, sex machine attachments, accessories for sex games, spare parts for sex toys and many more.

                Since machine attachments are part of this collection, read below to learn more about sex machines and its attachments!

                Kinds of sex machines

                Sex machines are hands-free toys that are designed to stimulate couples during any sexual activity. These devices can be used either penetrative or extractive. Here are some of the common kinds of sex machines.

                Thrusting sex machines

                These are classic-style sex machines that can penetrate either your vagina or anus by thrusting a dildo in and out with your chosen speed. If you are a fan of doggy style penetration or on your back position, then this machine is for you. Today, these devices also come with a masturbator attachment so that men can enjoy it.

                Automatic sex machines

                This is also referred to as “fucking machines”. This device is a little bit hardcore than other types. This is usually mounted to a stand or box. Thus, it will require you to position depending on the style of the machine.

                Manual sex machines

                Manual sex machine is a less complicated device compared to the automatic ones. It may feature either a dildo or a vibrator. With this machine, you can adjust the depth and speed of the thrust. Hence, you can have full control of your erotic routine.

                Ride-on sex machines (Saddle machines)

                This device can offer a thrusting penetration of classic sex machines. At the same time, the user can still have control over the depth and pelvic movements.

                Things to consider when buying sex machines


                Sex machine usually comes in different shapes and sizes. It has also various prices depending on its features. Some machines can cost as low as $40 or as expensive as $1,000 and more. Thus, if you are planning to buy these devices, make sure to have an idea of how much you want to spend.


                After you decide on your budget, you can now choose what functionality you want. You can ask yourself these questions: Will you use it alone, or with a partner? Is it compatible with bondage gears? Do you want special features on your machine? These questions can help you narrow down your choices and make your shopping easier.


                Sex machines are packed with various attachments to make sure that you’re always on the go! There is also a wide option of attachments in the market today for you to experiment. No matter what your preferences, you can definitely find something that will satisfy your erotic fantasies.

                Different toy attachments and accessories

                • Single dildo – this is known to be the go-to accessory for any sex machine. Sometimes, this product is included for free in your purchase. When choosing a dildo attachment, make sure that it will fit with your sex machine.
                • Masturbators – these attachments are hard to find. This is because each masturbator design is different. Some of it might not fit in your machine.
                • Double dildo – as the name suggests, this attachment allows for two dildos to be used at the same time.
                • Suction cup – this is simply an attachment with a flat surface that allows the dildo to stick to it.
                • Saw & drill – this is used to hold the sex toy in place instead of using a drill-bit or reciprocating saw bit.
                • Rod extensions – used to make the thrusting arm longer than usual. Aside from that, it also adds more flexibility to the arm. When using this, just be careful on its springs which can pinch your skin.
                • Universal holders – this is used to hold any toy with any sex machine.

                Common attachment systems

                • Screw on/in – this is a thread and bolt that is used in rod-thrusting machines
                • Plug end – it is something that you can connect to your computer. This is mostly found in lower quality machines.
                • Clamps or straps – this is attached to any male masturbator or extra toys on the machine’s frame.
                • Specialised attachments – some manufacturers include attachment systems that are totally unique or has specific uses.

                Why should you choose sex toy accessories

                • Durable

                This collection of sex toy accessories includes products that are made from high-quality materials. Manufacturers make sure that these items are durable and long-lasting.

                • Affordable

                These products are not only made from durable and high-quality materials. They are also worth your money.

                What to do next

                Shop for the most affordable and good quality sex toy accessories now! The Sex Garden provides different sex toy accessories that you might need for your erotic play! Browse this collection and choose the best one for you and your partner!

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