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                You2toys feature innovative products that demonstrate the symbolism of being masculine and feminine. By using You2toys’, there’s a way to maximise close intimacy and love pleasure.

                They offer a variety of products that will surely give you pleasurable and exciting experience during love making. Their toys include chains and clamps, cuffs, dolls, masturbators, pumps, bondage, anal toys, vibrators and many more. All of their products also feature high-quality materials and high-tech functioning.

                You2toys specialises in manufacturing quality vibrators in the market today. Their collection of vibrator is well known for providing fun in bed.

                To guide you in purchasing your first ever vibrator, here are some of the information you have to know about it. Read on below.

                Choose the right vibrator for your pleasure

                Sex toys are really amazing, especially when you use it with your partner. They increase pleasure and bond with your partner during love making. One of the best sex toys to use is the vibrator because it can provide an immense amount of pleasure that is impossible for the human hand to create. To guide you in choosing one, read on here.

                • Know the type of vibrator you want

                There is a wide range of vibrators to choose from. It includes rabbit vibrators, bullet vibrators, wireless vibe, traditional, G-Spot and a lot more. If you know what type of toy you want to try, it will narrow things down quickly.

                For instance, if you want something that is easy to hide, choose a small bullet vibe. You2toys can offer the best bullet vibrator for you. In addition, if you want something that can stimulate two areas at once, probably the rabbit vibrator is ideal for you.

                Moreover, remote-controlled vibrator is a good choice if you prefer to use vibrator in a public place. When using this type of vibe, your partner can control the wireless remote for you.

                • Size

                Nowadays, you will be surprised by the sizes of vibrators available out there. If you are still not familiar with your preference, try to find something with an average size. This usually has a length between 5 and 7 inches with a width between 0.75 and 1.5 inches. Fortunately, You2toys fits right in this range. Thus, it can be a great starter vibe to begin with.

                • Materials used

                The material used in adult toys specifically the vibrators can make a huge difference in its performance. Furthermore, when purchasing your first vibrator, it is vital to choose the one that uses body-safe materials.

                The best vibrator material that is well known to be safe is the silicone. Silicone vibe is good to use because it is nonporous, easy to clean, super soft and all-around body safe.

                As a whole, the number one rule to remember when selecting the material is to avoid jelly-like vibrators. They are usually porous which will hold bacteria quickly. Thus, this material is unsafe for the genitals.

                • Textures

                When choosing vibrators, textures are also important to consider. It will surely enhance your experience with a vibrator. Most of the vibrator’s textures are ripples, bumps curves, spikes, studs, swirls, veins, bulbs and many more. You can just figure out what texture will work best for you.

                • How much will you spend?

                First of all, you have to ask yourself if you are willing to spend much with this particular toy. In general, the 4 levels of vibrator price can help you choose the best vibrator that will suit your budget. These are the beginner that is below $25, mid-range usually costs $25-$75, high-end costs $75-$250 and the luxury vibrators that cost thousands of dollars.

                Therefore, selecting a good vibe to used will always depend on your personal preference and budget.

                Why should you choose You2toys vibrators?

                Made from high quality materials

                You2Toys always ensure the safety of their consumers. They produced products that are purely safe for their costumer. Most of their products are made from silicone which is known for being skin-friendly material. It will surely tickle your intimate parts with love and care.

                Easy to clean

                You2Toys’ adult toys are easy to clean. You can just wash it by using a mild soap. Rinse it well with water. Then dry with a clean towel. If you have your toy cleaner, then it is also safe to use.


                Like any other sex toy brand, You2Toys offers affordable toys in the market today. You will experience pleasurable sex with their inexpensive vibrators.

                What’s next?

                Now that you are aware of how to choose the best vibrator, you can decide on what vibe will match your sexual needs. You2Toys offer a lot of options for you when it comes to vibrator. Whatever type of vibrator you choose, their products will surely give a new and exciting experience for couples.

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