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                Impound is a brand of sex toys that specialises in male chastity devices. Their products are designed for men who want to develop their sexual relationship.

                Male chastity devices are worn around the shaft and head of the pen. It is usually held in place by a testicle ring. Once worn, the device is locked. Thus, any form of erection may be uncomfortable or impossible.

                Impound products are made to follow the natural design of the penis. This is for the wearer to use it comfortably for longer periods.

                If you are new to chastity devices, here is a quick guide to learn more about it. Read here.

                Why people use chastity devices

                • For sexual tease and denial

                One of the effects of chastity devices is the tease and denial aspect. When using these devices, the tension increases knowing that there is nothing you can do about it. That is why you are forced to savour the moment rather than racing to orgasm as most people do.

                • Appreciation of sexual release

                You cannot have intercourse or masturbate while wearing a chastity device. However, taking it off can make the following sex and orgasms far more intense.

                • Increased sex drive

                Whether your reason for using the device is humiliation, having a strong feeling of doing something naughty or for withdrawing, wearing chastity devices can increase arousal and sex drive.

                • Training or behaviour correction

                Chastity devices are also used during BDSM scene. Punishments, rewards and withholding are part of the Behaviour and Discipline elements. This is usually done to a submissive partner to encourage good behaviour especially during role-playing.

                • Reminder of ownership

                This is also an extension of the Dominance element of BDSM. Chastity devices are used to represent ownership and control of the dominant partner over their sub.

                Things to know before using chastity devices

                1. Placement of the chastity device

                For first-timers, it is recommended to ask your partner to put the chastity device on you. This is to avoid any injury while wearing the device.

                Apart from that, it is also important to always keep the keys of the device near you. In case of emergency, you can quickly open and remove the chastity device. Impound chastity device has a set of 3 keys so that you can have spare keys.

                2. Periods for testing

                For beginners, it is advised to use the device for shorter periods first. If you can tolerate the device by wearing it for a few more hours, then you can already use it for even longer periods. Just make sure that you have no problems of pinching or burn on the skin while wearing it.

                3. Hygiene

                If a male chastity device is worn, it is necessary to clean the penis regularly. A small amount of soap and a shower sprayer to splash the water will be enough.

                Important thing to remember: SSC Rule

                In any BDSM activity, including chastity play, both the dominant and submissive partner must be playing within some rules. One of the most common rules in BDSM is the SSC rule. This is just an abbreviation of the three important guidelines in BDSM – Safe, Sane and Consensual. These are the following:

                • Safe

                Any BDSM activity such as chastity play or bondage play may involve risks. Thus, it is important to stay as safe as possible. Avoid doing things that can cause permanent physical harm to you or your partner.

                • Sane

                Creating fantasy scenarios is fun. However, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality can be dangerous. A particular behaviour should not only safe for the body but also for the mind.

                • Consensual

                For couples, consent must be acquired not just for sex alone but for all behaviours or acts that go into sex. This means that they should also agree to be tied up, gagged or blindfolded as part of their sex routine. Make sure that both of you already talked about all these aspects.

                Why should you choose Impound chastity devices

                • Restrictive design and ergonomic curvature

                Impound male chastity devices are made to have a restrictive design and ergonomic curvature. This makes the device comfortable to use. The product is also made to be worn for longer periods.

                • Available in 3 different sizes

                Sex toys from Impound are available in 3 different sizes. In this way, you can choose which one fits you perfectly.

                • High quality material

                Impound chastity devices are all made from high quality materials. They are covered with a soft rubber casting to hide its hinges. This means that even the penis is restricted, it is still secured and comfortable to use.

                What’s next?

                Using male chastity devices can surely enrich anyone’s sexual relationship. It is a way of giving their full trust to their partner by giving their sexuality. Moreover, you can definitely improve your relationship in a profound and lasting way.

                If you are looking for a great brand that provides male chastity devices, Impound is the answer. Check out their list of products here.

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