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                Oral sex involves stimulation of your partner’s genitalia using your lips, mouth and tongue. To be more specific, fellatio pertains to oral stimulation of the penis. On the other hand, cunnilingus refers to vaginal stimulation. These sexual acts have something in common. They both use the tongue for pleasure!

                Both partners can give or receive oral sex as part of foreplay. When it comes to oral sex, the tongue plays a crucial role in providing a pleasurable experience. Some people even use a specific toy that aims to imitate tongue actions. These adult toys are popularly known as tongue vibes.

                To have a better understanding of tongue vibes, here are a few insights about this toy.

                Types of tongue vibes

                Tongue vibes come in two different types. These are tongue-like vibrators and on-tongue vibrators. Below are their differences.


                • Tongue-like vibrators – This type of tongue vibe is almost the same as oral sex simulators. It can imitate the movements, effects and sensations of the tongue. Their ability to mimic tongue actions makes them the ideal sex toy for clitoral and nipple stimulation. Moreover, it can be a great addition during solo play or with a partner.
                • On-tongue vibrators – It is also called a tongue ring. As its name suggests, this type of tongue vibe can be put on your tongue. It usually enhances oral sex experience because of its vibrating feature.

                Tongue vibe materials

                Nowadays, tongue vibes come in different types of materials. Hence, you have to watch out for the poorly made tongue vibes before purchasing. For your convenience, consider this guide below.


                • Silicone, titanium, stainless steel, seal ceramic and ABS plastic are non-porous types of materials. They are all considered body-safe in the world of pleasure toys. Nonetheless, you can go for a silicone tongue vibe if you want to ensure your safety.
                • Tongue vibes can be made from TPE/TPR rubber. This type of material is porous. Thus, it can’t be sterilised. They’re good for one-time use only.
                • Jelly is the least preferred material not only for tongue vibes but also for other sex toys. The same goes with silicone blends, silica gel, vinyl and PVC materials. Thus, they must be avoided at all times.

                Best ways to use a tongue vibe

                1.  Erogenous Zone exploration

                Exploring your erogenous zones during solo play is a great way to enjoy this erotic activity. Solo play or masturbation can be more exciting and pleasurable if you use an adult toy. This may include a tongue vibe.

                Tongue vibe can be used to caress all the erogenous parts of your body. These body parts include nipples, chest, and neck or anywhere that turns you on.

                2.  Vulva exploration

                Tongue vibes are not only for stimulating the clit. This is also a perfect sensual toy to imitate oral sex sensation. But before using a tongue vibe for this purpose, you have to add an ample amount of water-based lube on its tip.

                After applying lube, you can start stroking the clit and labia. In addition, you can experiment with the speeds and pulsation modes of this device to make the most out of your experience.

                3.  Share tongue vibes with your partner

                Once you get familiar with tongue vibes during masturbation, you can confidently guide your partner in using this toy. You can use this pleasure toy to tease one another. This means that couples can take turns in using a tongue vibe during bedtime play.

                Most men experience a tingling sensation when their partner used a tongue vibe to stimulate their penis and scrotum. And most women typically enjoy this toy during clitoral and nipple stimulation.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s tongue vibes

                • With a powerful motor

                When choosing a tongue vibe, the best feature that you should look for is their powerful motors. Good thing, The Sex Garden’s tongue vibes have powerful motors that offer an amazing feeling like you’re on actual oral sex.

                • Offers a variety of speed options

                Aside from its powerful motors, tongue vibes in this collection usually offer a variety of speed options. This is for you to find out what speed suits your desire.

                • Come in a variety of designs

                The Sex Garden’s tongue vibes come in various shapes and designs. Aside from that, some products can be used in underwater play because of their waterproof feature.

                What’s next

                If you’re looking for an alternative toy that can provide tongue actions as you do during oral sex, check out this collection. These adult toys can definitely heighten your oral sex experience. Pick your tongue vibe now! And experience pleasure that you never had before!

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