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                Have you ever planned to go for a night-long sex session with your partner but just end up having a few rounds? Maybe you will need a product that will boost your full potential in bed!

                Items such as delay sprays can help desensitize your penis before sex for a long-lasting bedtime routine. To help you get the most out of your erotic routine, here are the things you need to know about delay sprays.

                Overview of Delay Sprays

                Delay sprays are often called premature ejaculation spray or penis desensitizing spray. The main ingredient in most delay sprays is a desensitizing agent such as lidocaine or benzocaine.

                They are designed to reduce sensitivity in the penis to delay ejaculation. This product can also allow men to last long in bed until their female partner reach climax.

                Below are a few factors that make a high-quality delay spray.

                1. Effective spray technology

                A good delay spray should have a well-made spray applicator. This will give the users the right amount of desensitizer that is equally distributed on the penis.

                2. Enough desensitizer for men

                Having too much or too little desensitizer will possibly result in experiencing not enough sensitivity to fully enjoy your bedtime moment. Thus, it is crucial to have the perfect amount of desensitizer in your delay spray.

                Are delay sprays effective?

                Delay sprays have been showing their effectiveness in helping men to reduce premature ejaculation. However, you have to pick the best and reputable brand since not all are effective. A low-quality product can make your intimacy more complicated in some instances.

                For example, a substandard spray nozzle can distribute too much or too little desensitizer. As a result, it will not give a balance of climax for the couple.

                How to use Delay Sprays

                Before using this product, you have to get familiar with the technical process first. Nonetheless, you can always refer to the manufacturer’s manual for directions.

                1. Apply the spray

                Most delay sprays have the same application directions. First is to gently shake the bottle. Then hold the application nozzle close to the penis. Lastly, push the spray mechanism. Products should work that same way whether the penis is flaccid or erect.

                You can also start with two or three sprays. Then add more after when necessary. After spraying, rub the target area until it is dry.

                2. Wait until the product will take effect

                For the magic to happen, you will need to wait for the ingredients to take effect after it is absorbed into the skin. Waiting time will usually take about 10-15 minutes.

                3. Ready to go

                After waiting, you just have to observe how your penis feels. If you experience a numbing or muted sensation, then you’re good to go.

                After using the product, it is a good idea to wipe or wash off any excess residue on your penis.

                Safety reminders

                • Don’t use too much product

                Whether you are a first-timer or an expert player, it is good to follow the minimum number of recommended sprays. Then you can work your way up. However, if you put too much product, you can desensitize your penis so much to the point that you can’t feel anything.

                • Apply the spray on the right spot

                When using this product, make sure to spray it on the right spot specifically on the frenulum and glans. Frenulum is a male organ that connects the head of the penis with its shaft. Basically, it is the small edge of tissue between the shaft and glans.

                On the other hand, glans is commonly known as the head of the penis. The most sensitive part of this organ is its underside.

                • Waiting is the key

                The key to enjoying delay spray is to wait for the perfect timing. Most delay sprays will indicate their waiting time on the packaging required. Make sure not to have sex before the required time because the spray will not work.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden's Sprays

                • Effective

                The Sex Garden’s collection of sprays is known to be safe and effective for men. They are made from high-quality ingredients to ensure long-lasting night-time routine.

                • Affordable

                Get quality products today without breaking the bank! The Sex Garden has a wide array of delay sprays that will suit your budget.

                What to do next

                The solution to your sex-related problems is now available here! The Sex Garden offers a huge selection of delay sprays to counteract premature ejaculation! Hurry! Get a chance to grab these items here! Experience long-lasting bedtime session now!

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