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                For those who want to explore your anal regions during erotic routine, then you will need anal toys. These sex toys are tools designed to stimulate the butt of male or female users. These adult toys typically feature balls or spherical designs.

                Furthermore, these are intended to stimulate the erogenous zones inside the anus. Aside from that, it usually has a flared base. This is to ensure that the toy will not travel far inside the rectum.

                If it is your first time to try anal toys, then this collection is what you need. Listed here are some of the best anal toys nowadays. Feel free to check it out. Below is also a quick guide about anal toys.

                How to use anal toys

                • Be informed & educated on anal play

                For novices, the thought of using anal toys can be daunting. There are some taboos and misconceptions that can confuse people and cause fear. The most important part to make your anal play experience more pleasurable is to educate yourself.

                Before entering the world of anal toys, take some time to research. Remember that finding what will work for you should not be rushed.

                • Try to have anal pleasure alone first 

                Masturbation is a key way to know and understand your body. By masturbating, you will also know your preferences. In addition, you will feel empowered and confident with anal toys before trying it with a partner.

                Solo anal play is one of the most comfortable ways to get started with anal pleasure. Playing on your own will also give you some free space for experimentation.

                • Hygiene is important when using anal toys

                Since you are inserting something into your anus, most people prefer to clean up before anal play. For those who are in a rush, alcohol-free wipes can be used to clean it.

                Another quick option is to go to the bathroom 30-60 minutes before anal play. Then empty your bowels and wash your anal area thoroughly.

                Aside from the options above, you can also use an enema if you want to take extra precautions. You can do this 1-2 hours before anal play.

                • Do not “double-dip” for hygiene practices

                One of the hygienic elements to remember is the notion of ‘double-dipping’. This means that you should not use the same hand or sex toys for your anus and vagina. As you may know, the anus and vagina are two distinct ecosystems. Thus, it is important to clean your anal toys beforehand if you are planning to use it in your vagina.

                • Choose the right type of anal toy

                When deciding which type of anal toy will work for you, it is vital to consider what sensation you are interested in. Here are some of the different types of anal products.

                1.  Butt plugs

                These are anal toys that allow you to focus on pleasure centres. It is also common for beginners since it is easy to use. Butt plugs are used to facilitate sexual pleasure. This is because it applies pressure to erogenous zones. Furthermore, using a butt plug can create a feeling of fullness.

                2.  Anal beads

                Anal beads are designed to be inserted into the anus one at a time. This can create a sensual feeling to the wearer. After inserting, the anal beads are pulled out at varying speeds depending on the desired effect. This can make the sensitive nerve endings of your sphincter muscles to arouse.

                For first timers, it’s crucial to relax your body and its muscles before inserting an anal toy. It may be difficult at first but it can take practice and patience to learn how to relax these muscles.

                • Be safe

                Butt plugs and anal beads can be enjoyed hands-free because they have a flared base. Another reason for this feature is for the wearer’s safety. The flared base can keep the product from slipping into the anal canal. Moreover, it makes the retrieval of the toy easy.

                For beginners, start by using the anal toy for a short period of time only. It is never a good idea to use any anal toy outside in public especially for novices.

                • Lube it up

                Using lubricant is crucial in any kind of anal play. Unlike vagina, the anus does not lubricate naturally. You should always apply an adequate amount of lubricant to ensure easy and pleasurable insertion and removal of anal toys.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden's anal toys

                • Various choices

                The Sex Garden has a range of anal toys with different styles, shapes and colours. You will find your perfect match with the vast choices in this collection.

                • High quality products

                Make your erotic desires come true with these anal toys! The Sex Garden's anal toys collection is now available! All of these products are made with quality and safety in mind.

                What to do next?

                If you are new to the world of anal pleasure, you should try using anal toys. These are a great addition to your anal exploration! Grab your own anal toys from this collection now by scolling down and check them out.

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