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                For those who want some power in their sex toys, then you might want to try wand massagers. Wands are large, vibrating adult toys that feature a cushioned head on its flexible neck. These toys usually produce deep pulsations when used. Wand massagers are also called “Magic wands”.

                For first-timers, this is an ideal toy if you are looking for intense vibrations. Fortunately, The Sex Garden has put together different wand massagers so that it will be easier for you to choose one! Read below to see more information about wands!

                Quick overview of wand massagers

                The first wand created in 1968 was actually used as a muscle massager. It was used to help relieve stress and tension. But a sex educator soon discovered that it was also suitable to use as a sex toy.

                Wand massagers are known to be the most powerful type of vibrator today. Some people even consider it as a perfect pleasure tool in every way, shape and form. The only drawback to this toy is its size. It is bigger than most other sex toys. Some even mistaken this as an oversized microphone.

                For beginners, it might be an awkward sex accessory to use because of its shape. But surprisingly, its physical attributes are actually its assets.

                Different ways to enjoy wands

                For massage

                As simple as it is, wands are best used as a massager. After long hours of work, you can grab your wand and use it on your thighs, calves and lower back. It can ease muscle pain and revitalize your body. It can also be perfect if you add a little bit of massage oil.

                For bondage play

                Wands can be a great addition to your bondage play. Since they are big enough, you can simply insert them on a rope during bondage play. With its wide head and extreme power, you can enjoy effective stimulation even if it slips out of place a little bit.


                Scissoring is an act of intertwining the legs with a partner while rubbing their genitals together. Usually, this is done between people with vulvas. Nevertheless, no matter what kind of genitals you have, scissoring can be enjoyed using wand massagers. Just place a wand vibrator between your bodies and grind on it simultaneously. This position can bring both of you to orgasmic pleasure.

                For orgasmic control

                Since wand vibrator is so intense, this sex toy tends to bring orgasms faster than other adult toys. Hence, it makes them ideal to use for orgasm control games such as consensual forced orgasms.

                To do this, use a wand on your lover’s genital until they are close to orgasms. Then draw it back quickly. Do this repeatedly as long as they desire. Some couples even leave their partners hanging until their next erotic play.

                Use it to vibrate other toys

                Wand massager works best with silicone butt plugs and dildos. To try this, hold the head of the wand against the end of your insertable toy. Make sure that the toy is inside you when doing this. Then turn on the wand. Its vibrations will carry throughout the entire sex toy.

                Some couples even use wands when they want to vibrate the tip of body clamps or the chain on a pair of nipple clamps. Moreover, you can hold a wand vibrator to your partner’s neck while performing oral sex.

                Tips on how to use wands

                1. Before starting, it is important to have foreplay first. You can begin to touch yourself to get you in the mood. By doing this, you can warm yourself up. Aside from that, you might also find new exciting areas to touch.
                2. Remember that wands have strong vibrational power. Hence, you must prepare yourself for some elicit moans you’ve never expect to come out of you. Just feel every sensation using the wand.
                3. Because of the wand’s intense vibrations, some may experience numbness. To avoid this, do not hold your toy in just one place only. If you experience loss of sensation when using a wand, try to back off. Have your body rest for a while from the vibration. Always keep the wand moving around the entire vulva or penis. You can either go in circles, left to right or up and down. Then alternate these directions.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden's Wands?

                • Powerful massager

                Enjoy powerful vibration with The Sex Garden’s collection of wands. With these wands, you can experience intimate and sensual pleasure.

                • Compact and discreet

                Even though these products have powerful motors, they are specially designed to be compact and discreet. Apart from that, these products have an ergonomic shape which makes them easy to handle.

                What to do next

                Don’t be left behind! Check out these ultimate wand massagers from The Sex Garden! They can provide you with high-quality sex toys for your bedtime play! Browse here to see other products!

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