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                Do you want to experience a mind-blowing penetration during sexy solo play or couples play? Then, double-ended dildo is the answer to give you twice pleasure as you desire.

                Originally, this dildo is designed for lesbian couples. But now, they come in different varieties for all people in any gender can enjoy.

                Double-ended dildos vary in sizes. Size is definitely the most important factor when buying this toy. Good thing, The Sex Garden’s double-ended dildos are available in different sizes. Apart from that, they offer this sex toy in a wide range of colours, textures and materials. They also have other options such as if you enjoy vibration in your adult toy.

                To understand more about this toy, here is a quick guide for you.

                What are double-ended dildos?

                Unlike regular dildo that has a common phallic shaped, double-ended dildo is a sex toy with two penis-shaped at both ends. This toy is used to penetrate both couples at the same time. In addition, it also brings fun during solo play. This adult toy is usually made from different materials such as silicone, latex and even glass.

                Types and Features


                1. Double ended-dildo for couples - this is specially designed with two identical heads place on both ends of the toy. This design is made to stimulate both partners. It can also be used by lesbians or gay lovers.
                2. Vibrating double-ended dildo – it has a similar shape with a normal double end toy. It comes with a vibration feature for extra stimulation during foreplay or masturbation.
                3. Anal double-ended dildo – this dildo is a bit thinner and stiffer than other dildo types. Some vibrate while others do not. This is suitable for anal stimulation on both men and women.

                Guide in using a double-ended dildo

                • Apply lube

                To make your penetration comfortable, it is important to moisten each end of your dildo with water-based lube. When doing this, always remember to choose the right lube for your toy. Like for instance, if your toy is made from silicone, then you should avoid using silicone lube. Why? Definitely, because your toy will react to this lube and can deteriorate it.

                • Either use it for solo or with partner

                Whether you use this sex toy for solo or with a partner, it is vital that you are comfortable with it. Have some time to read and browse online to be informed on how to use this toy properly.

                If you want to use it for solo play, then a flexible double-ended dildo is easier to grips with. For beginners, you should choose the one that has slimmer end to make your anal penetration easy. Moreover, it is important to start with covering each end with a water-based lube. And finally, get ready for this new and exciting experience!

                On the other hand, double-ended dildos can provide more variety for couples compared to solo play. For instance, lesbian couples can try vagina-vagina, anal-anal or even for anal-vagina penetration.

                Furthermore, for heterosexual couples, vagina-anal or anal-anal are common options. While for gay couples, dual anal penetration is the best way to get all the pleasure you desire. If you want it to be more pleasurable, you can also experiment on what will work for you.

                • Position

                Here are two main ways to use your double dildo:


                1. For a comfortable position, lie down with two cushions at your back. Place one cushion under your hips and spread your legs. Start inserting one end slowly. Then bend the other end towards you and use it as a handle. This will also serve as your guide in thrusting.
                2. You can bend your dildo into a “U” shape. Then rest it against a surface with each other facing upwards. Squat over it while guiding one head into the anus and the other one into the vagina. In this position, you will be able to bounce on the dildo. Eventually, you can fulfil double penetration.

                How to choose a double-ended dildo

                Here are a few steps in order to make the right decision in choosing double-ended dildo.


                • For first-timer, it is recommended to choose the small one. On the other hand, if you are highly experienced, then a bigger one is definitely for you.
                • If you are not sure which one will work for you, then reading some reviews might help. Through reading, you will find out more information about certain brands, types or details.
                • Know the benefits of each material to get informed.
                • Talk to your partner before using this adult toy in bed.

                Why choose double-ended dildo products

                • Quality products

                The Sex Garden aims to provide its customers with product satisfaction. Thus, they only listed products with high-quality materials, soft and flexible.

                • Variety of sizes

                Size is something to consider when choosing double ended dildo. Good thing, The Sex Garden’s products come in a variety of sizes to choose from.

                What’s next?

                Discover a huge range of double-ended dildos here in The Sex Garden’s collection. Their designs can help you experience more fun and excitement in bed. They are also perfect for your solo double penetration and shared couple play. Pick the best double-ended dildo in the market today!

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