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                To make your adult toy hygienic, fresh and always safe to use, sanitising them with a reliable anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner is necessary. Whether you use your sex toy during anal and vaginal play or you shared it with your partner, this cleaning material can definitely help to ensure the cleanliness of your toy.

                Basically, using an anti-bacterial spray is the easiest way to properly clean your favourite sex toys. You can deeply clean your adult toy with this cleaning material without damaging them. For you to understand the importance of cleaning your toy and to know more about this anti-bacterial toy cleaner, read on below.

                What is anti-bacterial toy cleaner?

                Several companies formulated a specialised cleaning material to disinfect adult toy and clean them. This is known as anti-bacterial toy cleaner. This type of cleaning material is generally safe for a wide range of pleasure toys. But because not all these toy cleaners are created equal. It is suggested to check its label first before using it for your toy.

                Why is it important to use an anti-bacterial cleaner?

                Generally, there are numerous ways on how to effectively clean your toy. The method will depend on how you use it and on what material your toy is made of. But among all those methods available, the easiest and quickest way is to use an anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Below are a few reasons why it is important to clean your sex toy with this type of cleaning material.

                • It can prevent the nasty things to enter your body

                It is definitely a must for a sex toy to keep them clean and sanitise every after use. By doing this, it can prevent the bodily fluid such as vaginal fluid, semen and even blood to linger on the parts of your toy.

                • Increase the life span of your sex toy

                Basically, using soap and water is the simplest way to clean your sex toy. But if you want to ensure their longevity and functionality, the best option is to use anti-bacterial cleaner. This is because they are especially formulated for cleaning your adult toy. And they don’t contain any toxic ingredients that can damage them.

                • Protect you from getting STD’s

                Sharing your toy with your partner can bring a lot of pleasure during couples play. However, the idea of sharing your sex toy increases the chance of spreading viruses and sexually transmitted infections. Thus, it is imperative to clean your toy after mutual use with an anti-bacterial cleaner to kill the viruses that cause infections.

                How to clean your toy with anti-bacterial toy cleaner

                To ensure optimum hygiene, your sex toys should be cleaned before and after use. In cleaning your toy, the things you need to prepare are warm water, clean and dry towel, and high-quality sex toy cleaner. To guide you, just follow these few steps on how to clean your sex toys properly:

                • Before spraying the anti-bacterial cleaner, you have to give your adult toy a quick rinse with clean water and mild soap to remove the bodily fluid. Then, let it dry.
                • Spray your toy with your preferred specialised toy cleaner.
                • Just allow the toy cleaner to sit on the toy for about 30 seconds or more.
                • Then clean any stubborn areas of your sex toy including the ridges.
                • Rinse all toy cleaner off in your toy with warm water.
                • After you thoroughly clean your toy, dry it completely with the use of a clean towel or kitchen roll.
                • Then finally, keep your toy on its silk bag, box or other safe storing place.

                Use water-based cleaner for your silicone toy

                There are certain adult toys that are made from silicone materials. With this type of materials, using a water-based cleaner is the best way to clean them. This is to prevent your toy from breaking down.

                In addition, most water-based anti-bacterial cleaners are fragrance-free. They are also free from alcohol, glycerine and paraben. Hence, they are safe for those who have sensitive skin.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden's anti-bacterial products?

                • Safe to use

                Before purchasing any cleaning products for your sex toys, the first thing you have to consider is to know whether it is safe for you and your favourite toy. Good thing, the products from The Sex Garden’s anti-bacterial collection are safe to use. These items are free from harmful ingredients.

                • Wide range of choices

                With a lot of available anti-bacterial cleaner in the market today, purchasing one can be quite intimidating. So we gathered all the high-quality products to narrow down your options. The Sex Garden gives you a variety of choices that will best suit your sex toy.

                • Affordable

                When choosing any type of cleaning material, it is important that you get the best product without compromising your budget. Fortunately, with our collection of anti-bacterial cleaner, you don’t have to spend more for their products. You can surely get the most affordable yet good quality items in this collection.

                What’s next?

                If you’re still looking for a reputable online adult store where you can buy the best anti-bacterial product for your adult toy, then look no further. The Sex Garden's collection of anti-bacterial cleaner can give you the best options. Hurry! Browse this collection now.

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