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                For over 140 years, bicycles have been the mainstay of human transport. Nowadays, it’s still one of the safest and convenient alternatives for commuters to keep away from public transport. Aside from that, cycling is considered as a pollution-free mode of transportation.

                Riding in a bicycle is fun. It is also one way to enhance your physical and mental health. Moreover, using bicycle is environment-friendly and a convenient way to get around the places near you. With all of these benefits, it’s time for you to own one. To guide you in choosing, here is an overview about bicycle, its types and other valuable benefits of using it.

                What is a bicycle?

                Bicycle is commonly known as bike. Basically, the rider uses their feet to pedal this two-wheeled steerable machine. The wheels of the standard bike are typically mounted in-line with a metal frame while the front wheel of this type of bike is held in a rotatable fork.

                Riding in a bicycle can be learned easily. In addition, biking is considered as the most effective means to convert human energy into mobility.

                Types of bicycles

                Bikes are divided into various categories. They are grouped according to the activity where they’re used.

                1. Road bikes – as its name implies, these bikes are designed to be used on the road or street. It has a lightweight frame, drop handlebars, skinny tyres and high gear ratio. Road bikes are specifically designed to make your road cycling more efficient. You can also ride in this bike even if you want to go on mountain dirt track.

                2. Mountain bikes – this type of bike is specifically meant to be used on mountains. Typically, mountain bikes have wide, knobby tyres for traction. Its wide gears can help you to get up in the mountains easily.

                3. Hybrid/Commuter bikes – it is actually a combination of mountain bikes and road bikes. Hybrid or commuter bike is a versatile type of bike that will allow you to go wherever you want. It is an ideal option if your purpose is to use it for commuting and occasionally go on mountain biking.

                4. Folding bikes – the special feature that makes this type of bike different from the others is that it can be folded into a compact size. When this bike is folded, you will be able to keep them in a safe place when not in used. You can also fit this bike neatly into a hall cupboard or into a car.

                5. Electric bikes – as its name suggests, these bikes are partly electric. It has a silent motor with battery. With its motor, it allows you to steadily pace and go wherever you want without sweating.

                Valuable benefits of biking to work

                • You can save money

                Since the cost of gas keeps rising, riding in a bike can give you big savings. If the cost of owning a car will make you spend almost $8,600 a year, in biking you will only spend about $300 a year. Hence, biking can surely help you to save lots of money.

                • Getting workout without the gym

                Apart from saving money on car costs, biking can also save money on gym membership. You don’t have to be worry even if you have no time to go to the gym to get fit. If you’re riding on a bike when going to work, you’ll be able to have your exercise each day.

                • Be more fit and lose weight

                For someone who is overweight and out of shape, biking is the perfect option to lose weight. In fact, cycling can help you to lose your weight for about 13 pounds in a year depending on how often you use your bike.

                • Save money on health care costs

                Since biking can help you to be fit and healthy, your health care cost will surely go down. You can lessen your visit to the doctor because of the good benefits of your daily exercise.

                • Help to avoid traffic

                Riding a bicycle can help those who live in an area that is always congested during rush hour. With bicycle, you can avoid traffic and commuting will be faster.

                • Can increase your cognitive skills

                Studies showed that daily exercise can help to sharpen memory and prevent cognitive decline. If those things are essential to you, then you must go to work on your bike. It will definitely keep your body and mind sharp as you get older.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s collection of Bicycles?

                • High-quality products

                With The Sex Garden’s bicycles, you can go wherever you want without worrying about your safety. This is because bikes in this collection are made from high-quality materials.

                • Affordable

                If you want to value your money in spending for a bicycle, this is the right place for you to get affordable products. With their reasonable prices, you will definitely save more money.

                What’s next?

                With the numerous benefits of using a bicycle, it’s time for you to get one. But if you’re still unsure where to buy quality bicycle, start browsing here. With The Sex Garden’s collection of bicycle, you will surely get the quality bike in the market today. Grab yours now!

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