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                One of the best things about adult games is that it is the perfect foreplay for couples. Not only that, even if you’re not in a relationship, you can definitely try various adult games for your get-together parties.

                In contrast to what other people believe, adult games are not just for couples who want to spice up their erotic routine after things become boring in bed. Trying adult games can be an exhilarating way to explore your naughty side without even having actual sex.

                Learn more about sex games here! You can also find a collection of adult games that will be perfect for your next sexual encounter.

                How adult games bring back couples’ passion

                Most couples usually prefer the typical hug-foreplay-sex routine. However, as their relationship goes on, it becomes more familiar and eventually gets boring. With this, it is crucial to think of ways to spice up again your relationship.

                According to experts, trying new routines in your sex life is important especially for couples who are in a long-term relationship. The easiest way to do this is by playing adult games.

                Kinky adult games for couples

                Here are some of the adult games that couples should try out.

                Sex fantasy jar

                Couples can write different fun and silly sex acts that they want to try with their partner. They can write their sex acts on a piece of paper. After that, fold or roll it and put it in a jar. They can aim to write different fantasies until the jar will be full. And for the exciting part, they have to pull one act before their erotic scene and perform it. This can be a creative and enticing way to get started with your intimate play. You can pick as many fantasies as you can depending on your mood.

                Blind poker

                This game is a combination of strip poker and “truth or dare”. First, you will need a set of poker cards, pen and paper. To start, you have to pick a poker card. Do not look at your cards yet. You should make a bet without seeing the cards. And for the twist, instead of betting with money, you have to bet with sexual acts. After betting, the players can flip over their cards. Whoever loses should perform the things/bets that were given beforehand.

                Reading sexy stories to each other

                Before your bedtime scene, prepare some erotica for your partner. Both of you can take turns on reading the sexiest and steamiest scenes to one another. You can pick and choose some erotic tips from the stories for you to try out in the future. In this way, you can both widen your horizons in terms of new and exciting sexy acts.

                “Find the honey”

                For this game, you will need a blindfold and honey. First, you have to blindfold your partner. Then dab some honey on your body. Your lover has to explore your body using their mouth or tongue to find the “sweet spot” or the area where you wipe the honey. To add a little bit of excitement, you can set a timer. You can take turns and decide a reward for the winner or punishment or penalty for the loser.

                “Card game with a twist”

                You will need a deck of cards and assign each card with a different sexy meaning. For example, hearts can represent kissing, diamonds can be for massaging, clubs can be manual stimulation and spades can represent oral sex. The number on the card can represent the time that you will need to do the act. You can take turns in picking the cards and performing the act. This game can be sensational foreplay for couples out there.

                Aside from the adult games that were mentioned above, there are also some electrifying toys for your adult games that you should try out. These adult games are available on your local online sex toy shop. They can range from different board games, card games, Jenga game, dice game and many more. These toys are specifically designed with erotic acts to bring excitement to your bedtime scene.

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                What to do next

                Any sexual activity can be awkward especially when you are both new to it. But as you go through your relationship, you will realise that you need some appetisers to make things work. With that, you can try playing adult games.

                The Sex Garden is a reliable shop when it comes to adult games! Feel closer with your partner with The Sex Garden’s adult game products. Check out more of their products here!

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