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                Pumps are pleasure toys that are designed to intensify orgasms. Just like other sex toys, there are pumps available for men and women. For men, a penis pump is used to enhance and maintain a stronger erection. Using this device can also help men with erectile dysfunction or ED.

                On the other hand, pumps for women are used to stimulate women’s erogenous zones such as vagina, vulva, or clitoris. This device is also known as pussy, vaginal or clitoral pumps. Pussy pump has the same idea as that of a penis pump. They both create suction around the penis or vagina to stimulate blood flow and make them more sensitive before external stimulation.

                To understand more about these primary types of pumps, below are some insights about them.

                Penis pumps

                A penis pump is a device used to stimulate the penis and get an erection suitable for sexual intercourse. They typically consist of a cylindrical tube and air pump. Men insert their penis into the tube and pump it. As a result, it applies suction to their penis and engorged the blood to have an erection.

                Why men use penis pumps?

                A penis pump is mostly used by men to gain length and girth in their genitals. As mentioned above, men who have medical conditions like ED can also use this device. This can help them stimulate blood flow in their penis and maintain an erection.

                Moreover, many men used a penis pump just to enjoy sucking and pressurized stimulation. On top of that, this device can be used during masturbation.

                How to use a penis pump

                If you’re new to using a penis pump, probably you don’t know how this pump works. As your guide, below are the basic steps in using this pleasure toy.

                1. To start, you can shave the hair on the penis and apply some lube.
                2. Place the pump over the penis.
                3. Once in place, start pumping the device. The device can be pumped manually or electrically.
                4. Then it’s time to create a vacuum in the tube by pumping the air out of the cylinder. The vacuum will then draw the blood in the penis. Engorging the blood in it will make the penis swell which results in penile erection.
                5. With the help of lubricant, the retaining band can easily slide down onto the base of the erect penis.
                6. Then finally, release the vacuum and remove the pump.

                Pussy pumps

                With pussy pumps, women can experiment with their bodies’ pleasure. This device is specifically designed to enhance sensitivity in the vulva or clitoris. When these erogenous parts become sensitive, it can bring an amazing experience for women. In fact, they make masturbation, intercourse and other sexual activity exciting and pleasurable.

                Why women use pussy pumps?

                A pussy pump is mainly used to heighten sensation and provide sexual pleasure. It’s also an ideal tool for those who experience a lack of lubrication during foreplay.

                The lack of lubrication on women is generally the result of their past trauma, stress and anxiety. Though using this pussy pump is not the real cure for these conditions, it might help them have more lubrication before their intimate scene.

                How to use pussy pump

                Nowadays, there are many reliable options when it comes to pussy pumps. Whatever you choose, they generally work in the same way. Nevertheless, to intensify your experience, here are a few steps to follow.

                1. The initial step is the preparation. This is crucial to make sure that there’s a good seal around the genitals. To create a vacuum-tight seal, apply an ample amount of water-based lube around the rim of the chamber.
                2. Make sure that the air release valve is tightened.
                3. After that, place the suction cup either on the clitoris, vagina or vulva. Then seal it firmly to the skin.
                4. Then it’s time to start pumping the area you want to stimulate. In this process, it’s vital to keep in mind that the seal gets tighter when you release and not when you squeeze the bulb.
                5. The best trick during the pumping process is to pump one at a time. Make it slow. And don’t pump too much.
                6. Once the labia begins to swell, you can start to feel an unusual arousing sensation in the genital area.
                7. You can leave the suction cup or chamber in place as you get comfortable with the sensations. However, remember that the maximum time should only about 5-10 minutes.
                8. Once you feel pain, remove the chamber immediately to prevent injuries. Chamber can be removed by just hitting the quick-release valve.
                9. Now, you’re ready to enjoy playing your sensitive genital area.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s pumps?

                • Different varieties

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                What’s next?

                Transform your sex life to a new level by adding pumps to your sex toy collection. Pump accessories and replacements are also available here. If you’re interested, just browse this collection and grab yours now!

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