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ultimate guide to sext toys

There are a few reasons why people are searching for sex toys. Here are some of them:

  • They want to explore sex toys but don’t know where to start.
  • Some people want to add spice to their sex life.
  • They have a lot of questions to ask about sex toys.
  • They are just curious about using it.

With these reasons in mind, couples and even single people are now interested in purchasing their sex toys. To help you, here is an ultimate guide to choosing the best sex toys.

What kind of sex do you want to explore?

There are various types of sex for you to try out. To enhance your experience, you can use sex toys whenever you want them. Below is a general order of sexual encounters and a few sex toys you can use.

1. Role play and Anticipation

This is not the actual act of sex. Role play and Anticipation are just part of foreplay. Foreplay will set the tone and mood of the sex you will have. Most of the time, it is thrilling, electrifying and arousing.

  • BDSM sex toys

BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism. It is considered to be a power play during sex. Some couples perform BDSM without the use of sex toys. But if you want to be more adventurous, you can use adult toys like blindfolds, collars, ropes, handcuff, nipple clamps and many more.

  • Kegels and Eggs

These sex toys are designed to create anticipation before sex. This can lead to mind-blowing climaxes. Most of these adult toys are the usual insert-and-leave-on style. But there are Bluetooth and remote-controlled versions for an extra element of naughtiness.

  • Sex accessories

There is a wide range of sex accessories that you can use for foreplay. It can be sex furniture, pillows, lubricants, sex sprays and many more.

2. Clitoral Stimulation

This sexual encounter is desired by most women. As its name suggests, it is the act of stimulating the clitoris. There are also a lot of sex toys that you can use to stimulate the clit.

  • Vibrators

Vibrators are considered to be the all-time favourite sex toys. They are portable, discrete and very versatile. Some vibes like rabbit vibrators allow you to enjoy clitoral stimulation and penetration simultaneously.

  • Clitoral stimulators

These sex toys are small. They are designed to massage the external clitoris to achieve orgasms. For women who love to stimulate their clit, then this sex toy is for you.

  • Massagers

If vibrators and clit stimulators are too intense for you, you may opt for a gentler toy like the massagers. For beginners, you can start with a smaller one that fits into the palm of your hand.

3. Penetration

For others, penetration is the highlight of every sexual encounter. It is also the sex act that many people enjoys. There is a wide array of adult toys designed for penetration to meet this high demand. Below are some of them:

  • Dildos

Dildos have the most diverse range of all sex toys. It can be available in small, big, thick, realistic, unrealistic, designed for sharing, G-spot focused and many more. You just have to choose which one will suit your erotic needs.

  • Harnesses

If you want to spice up your erotic scene, then you can use a harness. Most harnesses come with pre-attached dildo. With a harness, you can enjoy hands-free erotic stimulation.

  • Sleeves

Penis sleeves are used to help men temporarily increase the length or width of their penis. On top of that, sleeves can aid men with sexual health issues such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

  • Masturbators

Masturbators are used for men’s pleasure. They usually come in various shapes like teasers, strokers, with flip holes, egg-shaped and a lot more.

  • C-rings or cock rings

This sex toy is used to help men achieve harder and long lasting erection. Apart from that, cock rings can increase sensation whether you use them for solo play or with a partner.

4. Anal sex

Anal sex or anal play is simply the sexual stimulation of the rectum and anus. This sex act involves external stimulation using your fingers, mouth or sex toys.

  • Anal toys

Nowadays, you can find a huge selection of anal toys to experience intense sensation. You can choose from massagers, butt plugs, wands and many more.

Why should you choose The Sex Garden's sex toy collection?

  • Wide selection of sex toys

The Sex Garden can supply a wide selection of sex toys depending on what sex encounter you want to try. There are also adult toys available for men and women, beginners and advanced sex toy users.

  • High-quality

For The Sex Garden, quality comes first. That is why they are dedicated to providing quality sex toys to their customers.

  • Affordable

The Sex Garden can provide sex toys at a reasonable price. Aside from that, they make sure that they don’t compromise the products’ quality.

What to do next?

Finding the best sex toy will always depend on your sexual need. So whatever sexual encounter you want to try, The Sex Gardne has the right sex toy for you. They have the most innovative sex toys on the market today. This ultimate guide can help you get started with your sex toy journey.

If you are one of those people who are still looking for a good-quality sex toy, check out The Sex Garden’s sex toy collection. You will surely find the best one for you.


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