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Ultimate guide in choosing a female sex toy

on August 13, 2021

Before, many people are hesitant to use sex toys. Probably because of the misguided belief that sex toys are for lonely and desperate individuals only. This stigma has been finally disappeared when sex experts discovered that sex toys provide a lot of benefits for couples and individuals. With that, many men and women are now using sex toys for pleasure and health reasons.

With the continuous popularity of sex toys, manufacturers have produced more innovative products. That’s why selecting the right one is not a simple task especially if you’re searching for female sex toys. For your convenience, this blog post will help you decide which female toy will suit you best.

Most common female sex toys

Female sex toys are designed to provide women more pleasure and orgasm. They come in different types, shapes, styles, colours, and sizes nowadays. To narrow down your options, here is a breakdown of the best sex toys for women.


As its name suggests, these are vibrating sex toys. They are intended to stimulate various erogenous zones in the body. These may include the nipple, G-spot, clitoris and anus.

To figure out which vibe to use, you have to know which area of the body you want to stimulate. As a guide, here are the thing you need to know about the main types of vibrators.

  • Internal vibrators – This type of vibe is designed to be inserted into the vagina for penetration and G-spot stimulation.
  • External vibrators - These vibrators focus on stimulating the labia and clitoris. They usually vary in shape. But most of them don’t have a cylindrical shape.
  • Combo vibrators - They are intended to provide both internal and external stimulation. This type of vibe looks like a rabbit. That’s why they are called “rabbit vibrators”.
  • Anal vibrators – These vibrators usually have a base. This feature is essential to prevent this sex toy from getting stuck in the anus.


Another popular toy for women is a dildo. Aside from its popularity, it is known for being a versatile toy. These non-vibrating toys are frequently used by women for G-spot and vaginal penetration.

Like other sex toys, dildos come in various types, shapes, textures and sizes. For more insights, here are some of its types.

  • Realistic dildos – This is the top-selling sex toy for women. This type of dildo usually has detailed features including head, veins, wrinkles and scrotum. These special features provide women with more pleasure and sexual satisfaction.
  • Real skin dildos – One of the best sex toys a lady should own is the real skin dildo. They are designed to mimic the feel of a real penis erection. Additionally, they are often made from silicone.
  • Strap-on dildos – This type of dildo comes in a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials. They are usually attached to a harness. This makes them a perfect toy to use by a woman during pegging. The strap-on dildo acts as a penis during this sexual act.

Anal beads

Anal beads are sex toys that consist of a series of spheres or beads attached to a string. The beads usually start small and gradually increase in size.

It can be a pleasurable experience when anal beads are used in the vagina during sexual act. Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that you should never mix beads for the butt with the ones for the vagina. This is to avoid bacterial infections.

Like other sex toys, anal beads are made from various materials.

  • Jelly or non-ABS plastic – They are porous. This means that this type of material can’t be fully sanitized.
  • Silicone – This is actually the best choice when it comes to anal beads materials. They are soft, body-safe, non-porous and easy to clean.

Nipple clamps

The nipple tends to be one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body. But they are often overlooked by some sex toy users.

Basically, a nipple clamp is an ideal toy to use if you want to stimulate the nipple. They work by pinching the nipples and restrict the blood flow in it. After removing this device, the nipple will be more sensitive to touch. This will provide the user with great pleasure.

For beginners, it is suggested to look for a nipple clamp with adjustable features. The types of nipple clamps that can be adjusted are alligators, tweezer clamps, or butterfly clamps.

How to choose the ideal female sex toys for beginners

When choosing a female sex toy, it is vital to know what you’re looking for. Meaning, you must identify the specific area of your body where you want to stimulate. In addition, it’s crucial to start small. Just upgrade your sex toy to a bigger one as you get familiar with it.

Whatever female sex toy you start with, be sure to choose the one with high-quality. But it doesn’t mean that you have to select the most expensive toys. This is because some quality sex toys can be purchased at an affordable price.


Choosing a female sex toy is actually an easy task if you know what you want from the start. Moreover, understanding the characteristics and uses of the different types of female sex toys is necessary. On top of that, take some time to research and read some customer’s feedback about the sex toy you’re interested in.

Whatever type of sex toy you choose, as long as it provides you great pleasure, you are certainly on the right track. For further information about female sex toys, look for a reliable and responsive adult toys shop online. They will definitely help you select the best sex toy you ever want.


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