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                Sex machines are devices that are used to imitate what humans do during sexual intercourse and any other sexual activities. These devices can be either penetrative or extractive.

                Nowadays, Stim U is known to be a sex toy brand that provides high-quality sex machines. Aside from that, they also provide various sex machine attachments to fully achieve sexual gratification.

                Learn more about Stim U’s products and sex machines by reading below!

                Things to know about sex machines

                Sex machines may sound “high-tech” to you. But the truth is, the first modern-style and rideable sex machines were developed in 1983.

                Today, sex machines are still being used with even more features and high-powered settings. Read below to learn more about sex machines.

                1. They are powerful

                Sex machines are designed to be really powerful. This is also the basis of their appeal. Sex machines are used by people who love G-spot stimulation. Moreover, these devices are used if you want hard thrusting motion during an erotic routine. Some machines can deliver more than 100 thrusts per minute or more. It even keeps on going as long as you need it.

                If you want to experience squirting orgasms, then sex machines will help you get there. Many people even experienced that once they are warmed up, the G-spot can take a lot of pressure. Thus, it heightens their erotic sensations.

                2. Most sex machines are really big

                Sex machines tend to be big and bulky devices. This means that you won’t be able to hide this device from housemates or even neighbours. Depending on the size of your sex machine, storage is also an issue.

                Fortunately, there are some exemptions. Stim U has available sex machines that are smaller than the regular ones. It can be used for handheld stimulation.

                3. They are quite expensive

                One of the reasons why some sex toy users don’t want to own a sex machine is because of its price. Owning this kind of device is also like a luxury. If you think that sex machines are your jam, then consider investing in a good quality one.

                4. They can be awkward

                Since most sex machines are big, some people may find that using it can be awkward. It doesn’t mean that it is not fun to use. But it is because you are like riding a dick without a person. Moreover, you need to position yourself to the toy. This means that you cannot lie down or do a specific position while using it.

                With this, you may consider choosing those new models of machines which are handheld. You can definitely get the right angle that you are comfortable with.

                What to consider before buying

                • Willingness – using sex machine is something that you and your partner should discuss beforehand. Both of you should agree on using it especially if it is your first time.
                • Your budget – As mentioned above, sex machines can be too pricey. It can range from $90 to $2,000. Thus, you must know how much you want to spend when it comes to sex machines.
                • Adjustability – When choosing, consider the product’s adjustability. There are machines that are designed to be adjustable so that it can hit the right spots.
                • Extra features – Some sex machines come with various attachments so that you can choose which one will suit your erotic needs. There are also sex devices with special goodies to make your purchase more amazing. These freebies may include additional dildos, prostate attachments or free lubricants.

                General advice

                1. Use a lot of lube – using a lot of lube is very important when using sex machines.
                2. Find the right position – aside from finding a good spot in your bedroom to place your sex machine, you will also need to position yourself comfortably.
                3. Keep it stable – always keep your sex machine on a flat stable surface. Moreover, it should not slide around to avoid interruption during your mid-orgasmic-convulsions.
                4. Use your imagination – to boost your sex machine experience, you can incorporate things such as blindfolds. Most importantly, use your imagination to enjoy intense stimulation.
                5. Keep it clean – when cleaning your sex machines and attachments, make sure to get into those corners and gaps. Some bodily fluid might be inserted there.

                Why should you choose Stim U sex machines

                • Made from high-quality materials

                Stim U sex machines are all made from high-quality materials. They make sure that they only provide the best products to enjoy intense and all-out sex experience!

                • Wide range of attachments are available

                Stim U also provides a wide array of sex machine attachments. They have different types and sizes of dildos to suit your preferences. They even have attachments kits to enjoy various options for your sex machine routine!

                • Reasonable price

                Stim U sex machines and other products have reasonable prices. They are all design to keep your erotic fantasies alive without breaking the bank!

                What to do next?

                Sex machines can be a good option for couples who want their erotic routine to be harder and more exciting. And when it comes to sex machines, Stim U is a great brand to start with! Along with their huge list of choices, you can definitely find your ideal sex device. Check out more of Stim U’s collection of products below.

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