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                Sextreme is a brand of sex toys that manufactures products such as cock ring, dilator, anal plug, harness, nipple clamps and many more. But they specialise in producing nipple clamps.

                Sextreme products are all safe. This is because they only utilise materials that are safe for their consumers. Apart from the quality materials, they also ensure that couples will experience pleasure and excitement in bed with their products.

                To understand more about nipple clamps below is a guide for you when choosing one.

                What is nipple clamps?

                Nipple clamp is a sex toy that is usually attached to the nipples of a person. People of all gender can use this sex toy.

                For some people, using nipple accessories may sound scary. While for others, nipple clamps are just small, simple devices used to pinch nipples.

                This sex toy works by applying pressure and restricting or limiting blood flow. Moreover, it can provide a painful yet pleasurable experience for couples.

                For those people who enjoy using nipple clamps, they describe the sensation as an intense pinching feeling. To make it more exciting, couples can also include other enticing activities such as licking, pinching, or even biting the sensitive area of the nipple.

                Types of nipple clamps

                Both men and women can enjoy using Sextreme nipple clamps during nipple sucking and nipple play. Although the use of this sex toy is more intense for women because they have a larger and pointier nipple than men. Still, it shouldn’t stop both sexes from enjoying the wide variety of nipple toys in the market.

                Here are the types of nipple toys that you can try.

                • Clover clamps

                Clover clamps are popular sex accessories with a Japanese design. This sex toy is also called as “butterfly clamps”. It is flat with about 5cm by 10cm in size.

                Clover clamps provide increasing tension especially when it is pulled. As pulling tension increased, this will probably cause the jaws of the clamp to close tighter, depending on the amount of pull pressure. This is the reason why this sex toy is used as BDSM accessories in torture scenes.

                • Clothespin-style clamps

                The clothespin clamps work like a common household clothespin. These nipple clamps tend to look like half-done alligator clips.

                To use, the clips are attached to the nipple like a clothespin. It usually has 2 sides pressing together. But one of the sides has adjustable pressure. Most of these clamps have a small screw that you can tighten or loosen according to your desired preference.

                • Tweezer clamps

                Tweezer clamp has two short lengths of metal. It is usually not more than 5-10cm in length. For beginners, these are among the easiest nipple clamps to use. It generally has a long, thin design that looks like tweezers. They are coated with rubber at the nipple end. Thus, making it more comfortable for the wearer.

                The tweezer clamps have an adjustable ring. You can slide the metal ring to its ends to experience a more intense sensation. To loosen it up, just move them slightly down.

                • Nipple suckers

                For beginners and advanced nipple play fans, nipple suckers are ideal to use. You can simply squeeze them in your hand, apply to the nipple, and let them go again.

                When using nipple suckers, the air pressure will suck on the nipple. This pressure will cause the nipple to become erect and sensitive.

                • Vibrating nipple clamps

                As the name implies, vibrating nipple clamps are nipple toys that vibrate. These toys are attached to traditional nipple clamps such as clothespin style. These clamps are also attached to small bullet vibrators. The vibrator will produce strong vibrations throughout the sensitive nipples. This will allow men and women to directly experience intense nipple stimulation.

                Why should you choose Sextreme nipple clamps?

                • Adjustable

                Sextreme products have simple design and trademark. Their products are fully adjustable and easy to put on. Thus, it provides the user with a unique and changeable nipple pinching experience.

                • Made from high quality materials

                Sextreme nipple clamps are made from high quality steel with rubber pads for the nipples. These materials are all safe to use by couples who want to enjoy nipple play.

                • Affordable products

                Aside from the simple design and high quality of materials, Sextreme is also known for their affordable products. They produced sex toys with reasonable prices for their consumers.

                What’s next?

                When it comes to nipple play, Sextreme nipple clamp is a must-try product for couples out there! Hurry! Add this amazing sex toy to your collection now. This will definitely bring a new level of erotic fun and excitement to your sexual life.

                Since you already have some insights about using nipple clamps, give Sextreme nipple accessories a try! Choose from their collection of products here.

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