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                Rocks Off is a brand of sex toy that was established in 2003. With its global presence today, it has production facilities in the UK and China. They supply to major distributors, wholesalers and retail chains on different continents.

                Their products are made from body-safe materials. Aside from that, they are all made to meet the highest level of conformity.

                Rocks Off brand is known for its high-quality male vibrators. To know more about their products, here is a short guide for you!

                Why men use vibrator

                1.  For hands-free orgasm

                Imagine having an orgasm or reach a climax without the need to touch yourself. For women, it is something that they frequently experience. But for men, it is definitely a new sensation to love. Hands-free penetration can be enjoyed with the use of male vibrators.

                Sensitivity varies from each person. For guys, the most sensitive part of their penis is somewhere around the head and underside of the shaft. Thus, this is the perfect area for vibration stimulation.

                2.  Strong and longer erection

                Actually, wearable penis vibrators are considered as erection enhancers. They are used to make erections stronger. Aside from that, it also helps sustain erection for longer period.

                Penis vibrators are beneficial for men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is known to be an organic alternative to erectile dysfunction pills.

                The vibrations on this toy will help men arouse faster. There will be more blood flow in the genitals which results in a fully erect penis.

                3.  Discover multi-pleasure points

                Using male vibrator can upgrade your masturbation session to the next level. Apart from that, a male vibrator can be used as a massager to make your foreplay more intense.

                The key to do this is to use the vibrator as a penis head teaser. It can also be used as a perineum stimulator to achieve powerful orgasms. To enjoy different sensations, you can use it to arouse your penis, scrotum or perineum simultaneously.

                For those who want to explore prostate pleasure, it is important to choose a male vibrator that is also suitable for anal play.

                4.  Satisfaction for both partners

                Male vibrators are not just for men. It can also be used by women for clitoral stimulation. By pairing two vibrators, both of you can definitely experience extra stimulation during masturbation or sexual intercourse.

                If your partner has spinal cord injuries, male vibrators can play a special role in your relationship. The vibratory stimulation on this toy can facilitate ejaculation in most men so that their partners can conceive.

                5.  Explore new sensations

                There are enormous possibilities for male sensations when it comes to vibrator. This is because it has the capacity to stimulate various erogenous zones that does not receive much attention. You just have to explore and experiment with different features that your vibrator can offer.

                How to use male vibrators

                • Test it alone

                Before you jump into the real pleasure, you need to test your vibrator first on yourself. You can run the vibrator across your skin. This is to give you a real feel on the material. Allow it to vibrate in your hand. Then play with its settings so that you will be familiar with its functions.

                If you plan to use it with a partner, you have to experiment first. Knowing what will please your partner requires practice.

                • Know your preferred speed

                Whatever area you want to stimulate using vibrator, speed can make all the difference. For those who are unsure on what speed they really want, use your finger to test it. Feel every vibe of each speed until you find the best one for you.

                • Enjoy the pressure

                Applying pressure between your scrotum and anus or on your perineum can lead to toe-curling pleasure. Moreover, applying a little pressure when using male vibrator can be pleasing to both partners.

                • Play it safe

                Apart from your erotic fantasies, it is vital to use vibrators with safety in mind. Thus, when choosing a sex toy, always remember to pick the ones with body-safe material. Additionally, avoid using a single toy for your vagina and anus. If you plan to share it with your partner, always use a condom.

                Why should you choose Rocks Off male vibrators?

                • Provides strong yet silent vibrations

                Rocks Off vibrators are packed with powerful yet discreet motors. Thus, it produces vibrations to make your sexual routine exhilarating!

                • Enjoy hands-free erotic play

                These products can be enjoyed hands-free! Just sit and let this vibrator rock your world! It will surely help you reach climax in no time!

                What to do next

                Level up your sexual experience with Rocks Off male vibrators! Browse their collection to know their products! This sex toy can provide stronger erections and intense orgasms! Try it now!

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