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9 Fun and exciting things to try in the bedroom

on September 09, 2020

Sex is an important part of a relationship. This activity in bed gives couples the opportunity to bond with each other. It is also a great way to show love and affection to your lover. Therefore, sex should be pleasurable and fun.

If you are a first-timer or an experienced sex player who wants to add pleasure in the bedroom, these 9 things to try in bed will surely spice up your sexual life.

1. Talk dirty

For some people, talking dirty is quite uncomfortable. But did you know that it can add excitement in the bedroom? So you must not be afraid on being ridiculous especially when you’re not used to talking dirty.

The trick here is to know your emotions and voice it out. Inform your partner what you really want. Then ask them what they want you to do to enjoy sex. This can be an awesome form of foreplay for both of you.

2. Share your fantasies

Everyone has their own sexual fantasies. And playing these fantasies in bed is one of the best things to do during your bedtime play. It might be strange but it can also be fun at the same time.

Furthermore, if you want to try something new, don’t overlook your partner. Always ask them first if they are willing to try it. Remember that your partner is the best person whom you can talk about your fantasies and desires.

3. Play romantic background music

Creating a playlist filled with romantic songs is a good idea to set the mood for bedroom play. Start your playlist with something slow to build up the romantic atmosphere. Then enjoy your night together with your favourite love songs.

4. Restrict your senses

One way to intensify your erotic experience is to restrict one of your senses. To do this, use a blindfold to restrict your lover’s sense of sight. Moreover, you can use headphones and earplugs for the ears. Put mitts or gloves to limit their sense of touch. Lastly, use ball gag to prevent your partner from speaking.

By restricting one sense, other senses will improve. These kinky ideas can be a great addition to heighten sexual tension and anxiety. Aside from that, it helps to experience arousal and sexual excitement.

5. Add a sex toy

Sex toys play an important role in your sexual relationships. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time for you to have one. It can be a great addition for giving pleasure to your lover. So you shouldn’t be ashamed of introducing sex toys to your partner.

Below are some sex toys to consider and their functions:

  • Vibrator – use it to stimulate the vagina and clitoris during penetration.
  • Cock rings – you can use this to enhance pleasure.
  • Butt plugs or anal beads – usually it is used to add anal stimulation to your sexual encounter

The idea of incorporating a sex toy can be an amazing and fun experiment. Be bold in trying these things to have an unforgettable experience.

6. Add something tasty

Whipped cream is a popular choice when it comes to food play. Aside from that, chocolate sauce, strawberries, fruits, popsicles and marshmallows can also be considered. You just have to be creative with your choices to make it more fun.

Some couples might find it unhealthy. But for others, it is something that will arouse their partners in bed. Before doing this, make sure that both of you are willing to try and explore these things in bed.

7. Leave the bedroom

For a change, why not try having sex in the nearest place that is convenient for both of you? This is one of the best ways to explore your erotic play. It can be a wild and fun activity on the sofa, kitchen table, walk-in closet, shower and other places in the house where you have privacy from your housemates.

8. Try new sex positions

If you want to explore more in bed, then trying new sex positions is one of the easiest things to do. For some tips and ideas, browsing the internet can help. Some of the popular positions that you can try are the corkscrew, face-off, doggy style, pretzel dip, cowgirl, missionary and many more.

9. Masturbate together

For some men, they find it hot and sexy to see their partner masturbating in front of them while they are doing the same. This act of masturbating together is also known as mutual masturbation. It helps you figure out what you and your partner really want during sex.


One of the significant challenges in a relationship is the loss of novelty and excitement in the bedroom. So couples must be open-minded to experiment and try new things for their night-time play. These 9 fun and sexy things must be added to your sex routine to make it more exciting and pleasurable.

Among those things above, using sex toys is one of the best ways to bring new experience in bed. To give you some ideas which sex toys to use, browse on some online adult store. Feel free to read some information about sex toys. Then choose the one that you want to try.


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