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10 Surprising health benefits of masturbation

on July 20, 2020

Masturbation is known to be a sexual stimulation of one’s own genitals which may lead to orgasm. This stimulation can be enjoyed by using either the hands, fingers or sex toys. It is common among men and women of all ages.

Masturbation is surely fun. But did you know that while enjoying yourself during masturbation, you are also improving your health at the same time? Masturbation also plays an important role in healthy sexual development. Here is a blog post about the 10 surprising health benefits of masturbation.

1. Masturbation boosts your immunity

During ejaculation, a hormone called cortisol is released. This hormone can help maintain and strengthen your immune system if it is released in small doses.

A study shows that sexual arousal and orgasm can increase the number of white blood cells. These are the natural killer cells that help fight off infections. This only means that masturbation can have positive effects on the immune system.

2. It reduces stress

For those who don’t know, masturbation releases dopamine. It is a chemical that is associated with pleasure. Dopamine can also make you feel good and puts you in a better mood.

3. It improves heart health

Based on a research, heart disease is known to be one of the leading causes of death in women. Luckily, self-stimulation can help you improve your heart health.

According to studies, women who experience orgasms have been proven to be less susceptible to heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

4. It helps you fall asleep

Nowadays, an estimated 33% of the population are suffering from insomnia. If you are one of those, then you probably know how much discomfort it is to spend your nights rolling around your bed trying to sleep.

Good thing, masturbation is known to lower blood pressure. Having an orgasm can also produce endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that contain chemicals that are responsible for stress reduction. Aside from that, it also increases relaxation which allows you to sleep better.

5. It helps prevent cervical infections and other infections

Masturbation can help prevent cervical infections and urinary tract infections, especially in women. This is through the process of tenting. It is the opening of the cervix during the arousal process.

During tenting, the cervix produces cervical mucous. This enables fluid circulation and allows cervical fluids with bacteria to be flushed out.

6. It improves your skin

Basically, orgasm causes increased blood flow to the skin. This can make your blood vessel open up. For others, this can result in slightly rosy cheeks. This is also known as the post-sex glow.

Moreover, oxytocin, a hormone that is released when having an orgasm can reduce inflammation. Apart from that, it also makes pimples and rashes less noticeable.

7. It helps prevent erectile dysfunction as you age

As you grow older, you will naturally lose muscle tone including your pelvic muscles. As a result, men may have difficulty having long-lasting erections. But regular masturbation will help you prevent erectile dysfunction and incontinence. You can aim to have masturbation for at least three to five times a week for great results.

8. It is a natural antidepressant

Nowadays, the number of people who are suffering from any form of depression is rising. Thus, it is worth noting that the feel-good chemicals produced during masturbation can surely boost satisfaction and lift your spirits. With that, masturbation can be considered as nature’s own antidepressant.

For sure, there is no substitute for regular therapy for those who struggle from mental illness. But masturbation’s brain-boosting effects can still help people who suffer from sadness and stress, such as the elderly.

9. It relieves headaches

For people who are suffering from migraines, rubbing your heads might not necessarily stop the pain. But science shows that having orgasms can relieve minor headaches. In fact, orgasms can lower your self-consciousness and pain threshold. Orgasms also have an analgesic effect.

10. It may alleviate menstrual cramps

There are many ways to lessen menstrual cramps without taking any painkillers. Masturbating is one of them. When you are having an orgasm, it improves blood flow to the genitals. This increase in blood flow can ease your cramps and get rid of throbbing headache during menstruation.


Some people may feel ashamed, guilty or embarrassed when it comes to masturbation. But the truth is, masturbation is healthy and normal.

It is a vital aspect in helping you discover your body. It can also help you find out what you really like. Another good thing about masturbation is that it can give you surprising health benefits.

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