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How to orgasm: A quick guide to female pleasure

on June 19, 2020

An orgasm can be a highly pleasurable sensation for both men and women. It can occur during masturbation or any sexual activity. For men, an orgasm is usually accompanied by the release of ejaculatory fluid. This fluid is deposited in the vagina which can possibly lead to pregnancy. This only shows that male orgasm serves a clear revolutionary purpose.

On the other hand, the purpose of the female orgasm is less clear. Scientists are unsure if orgasm in women has additional benefits. Nevertheless, an orgasm is still a wonderful feeling for women. It can also encourage females to have sex.

Although there are still no further details on the purpose of orgasm in female, it can be a good idea to understand other things related to female pleasure such as what happens to the body during orgasm, ways to achieve an orgasm and many more.

To learn more about female orgasms, here is a quick guide to female pleasure.

What happens to a woman’s body during an orgasm

When you are having an orgasm, blood flow to the genitals increases. As a result, it will become more sensitive.

Moreover, as arousal increases, the heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate may rise. Apart from that, muscles may also spasm.

Sex experts and researchers suggested and theorise that sexual response follows specific stages. These include the following:

  • Excitement – this is the initial stage of arousal. In this phase, you may start to feel sweet anticipation as the sensation builds up.
  • Plateau – the stage of steady pleasure. This is the time when you take off your clothes and heavy breathing starts.
  • Orgasm – the state of intense feeling of erotic enjoyment. It is a satisfying burst of pleasure and release.
  • Resolution – stage after having an orgasm. It is when arousal diminishes.

Different types of female orgasm

Here are some of the types of female orgasms that you need to try.

  • Clitoral orgasm – this is known to be the go-to sweet spot for women. This can be achieved through direct or indirect stimulation of the clitoris.
  • Vaginal orgasm – it is an orgasm where pleasure comes from the vaginal walls. Vaginal orgasm is usually caused by stimulation of the G-spot.
  • Exercise-induced orgasm – this can be experienced specifically during weight training, cardio and abdominal-focused exercise.
  • Orgasm during sleep – this can be caused by sexual dreams.
  • Others – other types of orgasm may include the stimulation of the anus, nipples and other erogenous zones of the body.

How is female orgasm different from male orgasm

Basically, female and male orgasms are the same. Both involve an increased blood flow to the genitals. Aside from that, you can also experience muscle contractions and faster breathing.

The only difference between the two is the duration and recovery time. This is also known as afterglow. Orgasm in women may last longer than in men. It can range from 13 to 51 seconds. While for men, orgasm can only range from 10 to 30 seconds.

Typically, females can have more orgasms if they stimulate their body again. However, males can experience a refractory phase. This is usually the recovery stage where additional orgasms are physiologically not possible.

Ways to reach female orgasm

Below are a few ways to effectively reach orgasm in females.

  • Spend more time on foreplay

Many women usually need more physical and emotional stimulation to prepare for an orgasm. That is why foreplay is very crucial.

Foreplay should not be rushed or treated as an obligatory task. It is also important to know that foreplay can begin a few hours before the actual sex occurs. Here are some tips for more pleasurable foreplay.

  1. Stimulate her mentally – Some women believed that mental arousal is as important as physical arousal. Before your anticipated bedtime scene, you can give your partner a flirtatious call or a sexy note. Doing this can lead to a better sexual experience.
  2. Use a tender touch – Giving your lover a soft caress can create sexual tension. Apart from that, female orgasm can happen if you start kissing a woman. You can also stroke and move your hands to their erogenous zones.
  3. Don’t forget to talk – Most women want their partner to be more verbal when it comes to sex. They want to hear how good they are on your erotic scene.
  • Know her sweet spot

For women, there are two areas that are critical to orgasm. These are the clitoris and G-spot. The clitoris is a tiny organ that contains high concentration of nerve endings. It is covered by a small skin called the clitoral hood. This will keep the clitoris from being stimulated all the time.

On the other hand, the G-spot is located inside the vagina. To stimulate the G-spot, gently slide your finger inside her vagina. Your palm must face upward to reach it well. Then you have to curl your finger up.

Using sex toys for female orgasm

Using sex toys is a great way to make female orgasm more pleasurable. It can bring a new dimension into your bedroom scene. Some popular sex toys that you should try out include classic vibrators, dildos, balls and eggs, anal toys and many more. You will also need some personal lube for a more seamless stimulation.


Some people believed that female orgasm is unimportant for a woman’s sexual experience. Just like how the researchers are still looking for conclusive scientific support for its purpose.

Nonetheless, there is no right way to female orgasm. There is even no correct method or means to feel about sex. The important thing is for women to pursue what feels good to them.

To help you experience female orgasm to the fullest, you can use some good quality sex toys. A reputable online sex toy shop can provide you with sex toys in various types, shapes and sizes.


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