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An Ultimate Guide to Virtual Sex (FAQs Included)

on May 01, 2020

Are you in a long-distance relationship who wants to maintain the sexual connection with your partner? Or are you just a single person or even a couple who wants to experience new and thrilling types of sexual activities? If so, then you might want to try virtual sex.

Nowadays, anyone can engage in the satisfying and pleasurable world of virtual sex. Whether you’re a virgin or not, single or in a committed relationship, all you need is a phone line or internet connection to enjoy this activity.

But before anything else, you must be curious about what really is virtual sex? Are there technologies involved? Will it be as good as the real thing? To answer these questions, here is a guide for everyone who wants to learn more about virtual sex. Read more below.

What is virtual sex?

Virtual sex is any sexual contact or experience that involves any kind of communication technology. These technologies include phones, webcams, emails, virtual reality (VR) and teledildonics or digital remote stimulation.

Once a person performs virtual sex, it can lead them to masturbation and even sexual satisfaction. While for other people, they are doing virtual sex just for fun and thrills that come with being sexy.

Categories of virtual sex

Below are some popular categories of virtual sex. Learn more here.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality or VR is a simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment generated by computer technology. It can be interacted with in a realistic way by using certain devices such as haptic equipment and virtual reality helmets.

Virtual reality is also one of the concepts behind augmented reality or AR. AR technology overlays computer-generated imagery and media to the real world. With AR, you can interact through technology such as computer programs and special glasses.

Today, the use of VR in the digital sex industry is expanding. However, VR development in the sex industry is more appealing to women. Aside from that, women are also more active in online sex trade and online sex shows than men.

Phone sex

Phone sex has been practised almost the same time as telephones. That is why it is known to be one of the oldest forms of virtual sex.

It is one of the great ways for couples to engage from afar. Most long-distance relationship couples are practising phone sex to keep their sexual bond even though they are separated physically.

For phone sex, you can begin by just simply thinking of your partner’s sexy and sultry voice. Then you can toss in some erotic roleplaying.

Nowadays, private phone sex remains popular due to the addition of video technology such as Skype and Face Time. However, paid phone sex services are now declining because of the advancements in technology like webcam shows.


When phones developed text massage technology, sexting became popular. Additionally, with the innovation video and camera capability on smartphones, sexting now includes nude photographs and sexual video recordings.

While engaging in sexting can have a positive affection between exclusive couples, it can be harmful when explicit messages are sent to someone without consent.


Camming or webcam modelling is an act of streaming a live video from a host source. Usually, clients pay to either watch a livestream or have a video chat with a sex worker. Some of these live videos are broadcasted on the Internet so that other viewers can watch.

Webcam modelling started in 1996 when Jenny Ringley, a young performance artist decided to live-stream her daily activities on the Internet. To broadcast her live-stream, she set up a host site called


Teledildonics is one of the newest technologies in the world of virtual sex. In this activity, you can sync sex toys wirelessly with the use of either a close-range Bluetooth connectivity or long-distance control through an Internet connection. This is created for couples who want to try a more visceral shared experience that phone sex can’t provide.


It is a sexual exchange that is conducted through a computer connection. It is where people reach sexual arousal by just describing erotically unambiguous situations to their partner. Sometimes, Cybersex is considered as a futuristic hybrid of webcams, phone sex and teledildonics.

Can 'virtual sex' be as good as the real thing?

Since virtual sex doesn’t involve physical contact between partners, some people may have a hard time thinking of it as “real/true sex”. Definitely, virtual sex can be different from physical sex. Nevertheless, being different does not mean it is “not real". This is because virtual sex can be an effective way for couples to be intimate with each other and satisfy their erotic needs.

Aside from that, virtual sex can be a fun option for partners to explore and try new things. It also allows you to broaden your sexual repertoire in such a way that physical sex won’t allow.

Emotional attachment to real sex

When it comes to virtual sex, the emotions you feel may not be as valuable as the real sex. For instance, during sexual intercourse, you can feel an emotional roller coaster as you express romantic love and intimacy with your lover. Furthermore, you can experience sexual pain, fatigue and feeling of fullness and pressure during physical sex. Being with your partner physically can also make your experience more aesthetically valuable.

On the other hand, with virtual sex, you can still feel erotic thrill and pleasure. But these may be disrupted by knowing that sex is not “physically real”. Your mind can also perceive that you are only tricked into believing that it is a physical sexual act.

Why people prefer virtual sex than physical sex?

Here are a few reasons why people choose to have virtual sex.

  • With virtual sex, there is zero risks for pregnancy or STIs.
  • It is a good alternative for those who are abstaining from physical sex.
  • It is a great way to engage in foreplay.
  • If you are uncomfortable with physical sex acts (vaginal sex, anal sex or oral sex), virtual sex is a good option for you.
  • It is a way of strengthening sexual intimacy for couples who are in a long-distance relationship.
  • It is another way to try new things such as roleplaying different sexual orientations, opening up a relationship and many more.


Virtual sex is a booming industry nowadays. People are also trying new ways to make their experience more meaningful. If you feel that it is something that you are interested in, then why not give it a try.

Nonetheless, trying virtual sex is a matter of personal choice. Today, sexting and camming are quite popular. But that does not mean everybody is doing it. Neither you nor your partner should feel pressured to try virtual sex.

If you are one of those individuals who want to explore virtual sex, then you might need some help from sex toys. There are online adult shops that can provide various sex toys to make your virtual sex more gratifying.


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