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Sex Toys for Beginners: 8 Best options for you

on September 03, 2021

If you are in a relationship and want to add some flavour to your sex life, then you will need a sex toy. Likewise, if you’re a loner who wants to try something new, an adult toy can satisfy your erotic needs.

But with all the options for a sex toy, there is a possibility that you will be confused about where to start especially if you’re a beginner. You may even be overwhelmed with the different sizes, shapes, textures and designs available.

To help out first-timers, here is a quick list of the best sex toys for beginners. Read on below and explore each of them to know what will work for you.

1. Classic rabbit vibrator

If you are planning to try solo play, a classic rabbit vibrator is a good toy to bring. Sexual satisfaction is guaranteed since it provides a combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Nevertheless, you may also consider taking this toy into your bedroom scene with a partner for a more exciting experience.

This sex toy usually has different speed variations wherein the user can choose according to their preferences. Using a classic rabbit vibrator is also convenient because you won’t need to buy AAA batteries. Instead, it comes with a rechargeable USB battery.

2. Bullet vibrators

Bullet vibrators are great starter toys as they are discreet and small. Their bullet shape is also ideal for direct and pinpoint clitoral stimulation.

With bullet vibes, you can adjust the intensity of its vibrations and patterned pulsations. For more controlled stimulation, some bullet vibes come with a sleeve. This is where you can slip in your or your partner’s fingers.

3. Vibrating cock ring

Cock rings are another good introductory sex toy if you want to experiment with different sensations in bed. This sex toy is also great for couples who want to intensify their intimate scene.

When wearing a cock ring, make sure that the penis is hard but not completely erect. Once it is on, it can make the penis even harder. This is because of the tightness of the cock ring.

4. Satin blindfold

A satin blindfold is a perfect toy to heighten your other senses by taking away your sight. If you are just getting started with your intimate scene, using a blindfold can be a great way to get you into the mood. Once the blindfold is worn, various parts of the body can be explored including the neck, breasts, thighs and many more.

5. Spanking paddle

For those who want to be adventurous, a spanking paddle is for you. It is a good beginner’s bondage toy for BDSM play. With this toy, you can be either hit by a soft smack or a harder spank.

When doing this, it is important to be vocal with your partner. Tell them about what you like and don’t like. Furthermore, make sure to prepare a safe word to prevent unnecessary things to happen in bed.

6. Feather tickler

Another option for BDSM toys is a feather tickler. Based on its name, a feather tickler is a device that is primarily used for gentle sensory titillation. These toys can be small. But it can give powerful sensations and can make you feel amazing.

This toy is ideal for beginners since it only requires very little skill to use. Aside from that, there are no potential risks in using this toy.

7. Soft cuffs

Restraining your partner is also a form of BDSM play. If you want to try this for the first time, using wrist cuffs is the simplest and safest sex toy option. One of the considerations when choosing your first pair of cuffs is that it should not cause any discomfort. Good thing, these soft cuffs are padded and sturdy. It will not leave any cut or bruise on your wrists.

8. Dildo

Dildo is a sex toy that resembles a penis. It is commonly used for sexual stimulation. Although they don’t vibrate, they can stimulate the internal erogenous zones such as the P-spot and G-spot.

With all the sex toys mentioned above, dildo is one of the most popular. It is a perfect penetrative pleasure toy for solo play and couple’s play.


Your sex toy journey can be amazing if you know the right products to be used as a beginner. Start exploring your body now by using any of the sex toys mentioned above. You can also do it either on your own or with your lover. By doing this, the opportunities to have multiple orgasms are limitless.

For those who want to purchase any or all the sex toys above, don’t hesitate to look for a trusted online sex toy shop. They can supply all sorts of adult toys for beginners.


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