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How to Use Blindfolds for Better Sex

on January 29, 2020

Having a clear sight of your partner and the bedroom can make sex a captivating visual. However, you may not know that there’s more to sex that meets the eye.

One of the simplest ways to unravel your body’s full potential is to take away your sense of sight. The eyes are one of the primary senses of the body. Thus, when you cover it, the remaining four senses will be amplified. This means that each lingering touch and soft whisper will be heightened for your pleasure.

Are you curious about using blindfold in bed? Well, blindfold might be the answer if you are looking for something that will add some spice in your sex routine. It can be the sexiest thing that lovers can bring in the bedroom.

Read on here to find out how blindfold sex can bring an awesome experience for lovers during sex.

Uses of Blindfolds

For first-timer, it is a good idea to introduce blindfold to your partner in advance. You can also discuss the uses of these particular props to your lover before using it in bed. Here are some of the uses of blindfolds.

1. Blindfold can spice up sex experience.

Blindfold is a bedroom accessory that can bring new sexual pleasure. For some couples, it can add twist during their sexual activity. Being blindfolded also adds excitement because you don’t know what your partner is going to do next.

2. Blindfold sex adds surprises.

When you are blindfolded, every little thing that your partner will do can bring an element of surprise. Being blindfolded is also the perfect time to surprise your partner using things like a feather, ice cubes, oil, etc.

3. Using blindfolds can increase the trust between partners.

Adding blindfolds to your erotic scene can strengthen your bond with your lover. It can even increase the trust between partners.

It’s a good thing that lovers have trust with each other. Through that, you will be comfortable that they will treat your body with respect and care.

4. Using blindfold puts you in control during sex.

When being blindfolded, you put your partner in the driver’s seat. Thus, it will allow them to have full control during sexual intercourse. Beyond that, they will also have the power to do the things that are more pleasurable and exciting in bed.

Tips on how to use Blindfolds

In order to enjoy sex play with blindfolds, it is necessary to know how to use it. Below are some of the tips on how to use blindfolds during sex.

For couples, mutual masturbation may be something awkward. The couple may be too conscious to perform it to their partners.

To get away with this, using blindfolds during masturbation can be a good idea. Masturbating while being blindfolded can make someone feel more at ease.

  • Add sex toys when using a blindfold

It can be really exciting to add sex toy during your blindfold sex. With a blindfolded partner, you can try toys such as vibrators and bondage play accessories. Both of you will surely have fun trying these things.
  • Don’t tie your blindfold too tight

Tie your blindfold as simple as tying a shoelace. Don’t make it too tight to avoid causing pain to your lover’s eyes. Also, try to tie the blindfold on the side of the head instead of tying it on the back. In that way, you can ensure that there is no discomfort in lying down.
  • You don’t need to spend money on blindfolds

Although there are lots of gorgeous and enticing blindfolds available today, you don’t need to splurge your money to buy it. You can enjoy blindfolding using silk scarves, nylon tights and other clothing materials available.
  • Agree on a “safe word”

Assigning a “safe word” before your erotic scene is vital. Using “safe word” is just like an exit strategy that you can use when things go wrong during your blindfold sex. Both of you must agree on the assigned word. More importantly, you should also know what it means when someone says it.

Sex positions to try while being blindfolded

The idea of being blindfolded is definitely awesome. However, performing these with different positions can really give you full sensory experience.

1. The private dancer

For this position, the blindfolded partner (specifically the guy) sits on the edge of the bed or chair. The woman then faces away from him and sits in his lap. Women are the ones who take control in this kind of position. She can lean into him or give him the deepest penetration.

2. The rock ‘n’ roll

In this position, both lovers wear a blindfold. The man will sit comfortably in bed with his legs straight out. Then the woman will sit in his lap, facing him. The man can pull her hips towards him. With this position, the woman can rock her partner back and forth.

This kind of position is great for blindfolds because it requires minimal movement.

3. X marks the spot

In this position, the blindfolded partner will comfortably lay their back while the other licking and kissing their blindfolded partner’s body. When the blindfolded partner is aroused, tie their hands and feet in bed.

You can also perform oral sex after penetration. Moreover, props such as feather, sex toys or ice and other sensation-inducing items can be used.


Being blindfolded can incredibly bring different experiences for couples. It requires a lot of trust, strong connection and intimacy with your partner. With blindfold sex, you can let your body do the magic as you discover the hidden language of your senses.

Nevertheless, doing this in bed requires enough knowledge and information for your safety. This blog post can guide you to experience the most amazing sex you’ll ever have.

If you are curious, then try it for at least once in your lifetime. You can start by trying various sex toys in the bedroom that can stimulate you both.


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