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A complete guide to foreplay: 6 tips included

on July 06, 2021

Foreplay has been traditionally defined as an erotic stimulation that occurs before sexual intercourse. This erotic activity can be a playful and satisfying part of a couple’s sexual life.

Foreplay has endless possibilities for sexual stimulation. Although couples have different preferences, partners can enjoy this erotic act in many ways. To guide you, this blog post will provide essential information about foreplay. Read on.

Importance of foreplay

Many couples considered foreplay as a crucial part of their sexual life. This is actually true since foreplay can trigger physiological and psychological responses. These responses generally make sexual acts more enjoyable.


Foreplay usually leads to sexual arousal. As a person gets aroused, plenty of physical responses occur. These may include the following:

  • improves blood flow to the genitals that usually lead to swelling of the labia, clitoris and penis
  • increases a person’s heart rate and blood pressure
  • increases natural lubrication which makes sex pleasurable and less painful
  • nipple erection and swelling of the breast
  • prepares the body for sexual intercourse


Foreplay helps couples strengthen their emotional intimacy. It also builds self-confidence especially for people with a new partner.

In addition, foreplay can reduce stress. Kissing, for instance, triggers the release of oxytocin and serotonin. These endorphins lower cortisol or stress hormone levels. This helps people feel better.

Parts of the body you should never ignore

During foreplay, couples usually focus on the erogenous zones. But did you know that other body parts also have plenty of nerve endings?

Here is your head-to-toe guide to the commonly neglected pleasure spots.

  • Scalp – This part of the body is packed with nerve endings. But people rarely touched it. To stimulate the scalp, scratching them can help. Additionally, giving a scalp massage can provide a deeply arousing and relaxing feeling to some individuals.
  • Ears – Just like the scalp, ears also have tons of nerve endings. You can lick the outer curve of the ears to provide stimulation. Kissing and sucking the earlobes can also bring arousal.
  • Nape of the neck – This part of the neck tends to be more sensitive than the front and side parts. It can be stimulated by kissing one shoulder until you reach the other. And finally, move across the back of the neck to bring more arousal.
  • Inner thigh – Another part of the body that is incredibly sensitive is the inner thigh. You can tease it by kissing the knee.
  • Feet – It is also one of the sensitive parts of the body that are usually neglected during foreplay. To stimulate the feet, start by giving your partner a foot massage. Then kiss and lick the top of the feet and toes. It’s also a good idea to do this while taking a bath together to make sure it is clean.

Foreplay tips

To enhance your foreplay experience, consider these tips below.

1. Be mindful of the environment

Having a romantic environment provides a comfortable place to explore foreplay and sex. It’s a great idea to light some scented candles to set the mood. Likewise, playing romantic music can make the place extra special.

2. Take your time

There’s always no rush when performing foreplay. In fact, a long make-out session can make it more exciting.

If your clothes are still on, you can try dry humping. Then allow your partner to help you in removing your dress slowly. It can be an ideal gateway to sexual intercourse.

3. Stimulate the erogenous zones

During foreplay, certain parts of the body that have plenty of nerve endings are usually stimulated. These may include the nipples, anus, clitoris, back of the neck and many more. Stimulating these pleasure spots will surely lead to sexual arousal.

4. Massage

A sensual massage is a relaxing form of foreplay. If you want your partner to enjoy this sexual act, finding their erogenous zones is a great way to start. Moreover, using massage oil to rub your lover’s body can make them more relaxed.

Couples may also enjoy giving their partner a manual stimulation to the genital. They can use their hands in rubbing each other’s intimate parts. This can be more satisfying if you apply various motions and speeds.

5. Use a sex toy

Kissing and dry humping isn’t only the best way to tickle the senses. Using some props can level up your foreplay experience.

Couples can use a sex toy such as vibrators. Using this toy in stimulating the erogenous zones usually enhances the foreplay experience.

Furthermore, if you want to explore sensory play, a blindfold can be used. You can even use things with different temperatures and textures to tease your partner. Examples of these are ice cubes, feathers, and your tongue.

6. Role playing

To add an erotic element to foreplay, consider role playing. But you have to keep in mind that this bedroom play requires planning. Hence, communication with your partner is vital.

Role playing will definitely bring couples to a new level of sexual encounter and enjoyment.


Foreplay is indeed an exciting part of a couple’s sexual life. This erotic act increases couple’s emotional intimacy, desire and arousal. To make your foreplay experience more fun and exciting, this complete guide and few tips above can help.

In addition, foreplay can be a perfect gateway to sexual intercourse. This bedroom play will be more pleasurable if you use sex toys. For further information about sex toys, a trustworthy adult toy shop can help you.


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