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Beginner’s guide to nipple play

on April 09, 2022

The nipple plays a vital role in sexual arousal. In fact, this pleasure spot can be stimulated during nipple play. Nipple play is a sexual practice that is often performed during foreplay. This is also a crucial part of sex.

Most women find more pleasure during nipple stimulation compared to men. Actually, it is possible for a woman to achieve an orgasm through nipple stimulation alone. So it is vital to give the nipple special attention during intimate play.

For novices who want to try out nipple play, read this beginner’s guide first.

Overview about nipple play

Nipple play is a sexual act that involves rubbing, touching, or sucking the nipples. It is also referred to as nipple stimulation, breast stimulation or breast play.

Many people perform this sexual act using their hands. But others enjoy it using a sex toy called a nipple clamp. This adult toy is often used to heighten the sensation during nipple stimulation.

Nipple play can excite both partners during foreplay. Likewise, it makes the erotic play more intense and enjoyable. It may also lead to a climax, known as nipple orgasm.

How to explore nipple play

Nipple play can be performed either solo or with a partner. This can be more pleasurable if you try these few techniques below.

Use lubricant

Rolling, pinching and rubbing the nipple during breast play might cause dry friction. In the same way, long nipple play sessions can also lead to irritation and uncomfortable chafing. To avoid these things to happen, apply a bit of lube to the nipple before your nipple play.

Start slow

When starting off with nipple play, it’s a good idea to stroke, caress, and lightly massage the entire breast rather than going right away to the nipple. Initially, you can use your palm to make a broad stroke over the nipple. This will help familiarise yourself with the sensation.

Try temperature play

The nipples are notably one of the erogenous zones that are filled with thousands of nerve endings. That’s why they are sensitive to touch. With that, playing with different temperature on your nipple can make you feel more aroused.

Some people enjoy rubbing their nipples with an ice cube. You can also apply heat using a warming lube. It is also fun to drip warm wax from a massage candle. But make sure not to use the traditional candles since they will cause serious burns to the nipples.

Use props and sex toys

A feather can be used as props during nipple play. These will bring more pleasure to your experience. It is also fun to put a blindfold on your partner. This can add a bit of surprise since your lover will not know what you’re going to do next.

To heighten the nipple’s sensitivity, apply massage oils or body oils. This can bring a warming effect to the nipple. Aside from oils, you can also use flavoured gel, lubricant or body paint. When your partner licked these things on your nipple, it will surely bring more pleasure and arousal.

Furthermore, using sex toys like nipple clamps can provide different levels of pressure. This adult toy can create a pinching sensation. This makes the nipple more sensitive to touch.

Use your mouth

When performing nipple play, it is incredibly stimulating when you use your tongue, teeth and lips. These body parts can be used to stimulate the nipple in several ways. Here are some of them.

  • Blowing - When blowing the nipple, go closer onto it. This can provide a warmer feel. Contrarily, to provide a cooling sensation, just blow the nipple using your pursed lips.
  • Kissing - When stimulating the nipple through kissing, you may start pecking the top of the nipple. Then open your mouth and start kissing using your tongue.
  • Licking - Start licking the top of the nipple in a circular motion. You may also try the lapping technique. This style is the same as how a cat drinks milk.
  • Sucking - This can be done by placing your lips around the nipple. Then gently suck this area. Gradually suck harder to increase the nipple’s sensitivity. It’s also a good idea to alternately lick and suck the nipple.
  • Biting – Start biting in a slow and gentle manner. Then hold the nippIe with your teeth while licking it using your tongue. You can slowly increase the intensity if you want. But remember not to do this technique to people with sensitive nipples.


The next time you have your sexy time with your partner, be sure to give the nipple some extra love and attention. This is because this erogenous zone can be a great source of pleasure. Just make sure to take some time to research before doing this sexual act. This is to make your nipple play safer, more fun and pleasurable.

If you’re interested to try nipple play for the first time, incorporating sex toys can intensify your experience. If you need one, then don’t hesitate to ask for the assistance of a reliable online adult toy shop. They can offer you high-quality nipple clamps, vibrators, wands and many more.


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