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6 Sex tips for pleasurable temperature play

on September 24, 2020

Temperature play is a technique that is usually performed by couples during BDSM and foreplay. This uses heat or cold elements to stimulate your partner’s skin. It can also trigger an erotic reaction that you and your partner will surely enjoy. Oftentimes, you can add bondage play and blindfolding to temperature play to improve sensation.

While adding different temperature to your erotic play can sound a bit scary, this activity is actually super easy. If it is your first time to try temperature play, then you might find this blog post helpful. Below are 6 sex tips for pleasurable temperature play.

1.  Heat or cool your sex toys

One way of incorporating temperature play to your sex routine is by using sex toys. You can do this into both solo play and partnered sex. Certain sex toys such as those that are made from metal and glass are perfect for this erotic play.

To start, place your sex toy in the freezer for 5-15 minutes. If you prefer something hot, you can also warm up a glass of water and submerge it in a few minutes to heat it up.

Just be cautious with the temperature of your adult toy. You can place the adult toy around your wrist to check if you are comfortable with the temperature.

2.  Get some ice cubes

Ice cubes are the easiest and most popular option for those who want to try temperature play. You can simply drip melted ice cold water over your lover’s body. Aside from that, you can also drink some cold water or place an ice cube in your mouth. Once your mouth is cold enough, you can run down your tongue along their erogenous zones.

For a more exciting experience, rub the ice cube directly around your partner’s nipples, lips, neck and on their genitals.

3.  Use warming or cooling lubes

Warming or cooling lubes are special types of lubricants that are designed specifically for temperature play. If you want to add an element of warmth or cold, these lubes can take you to another sensory level.

If you don’t have this special kind of lube, you can also try this with your regular bottle of lubricant. Simply put your bottle of lube into a cup of warm or cold water for 1-2 minutes before you use it. Just make sure to check the temperature before putting it to your partner.

4.  Warm your mouth before oral sex

With temperature play, you can always try something different. Intensify your oral sex experience by warming up your mouth during foreplay. You can begin by sipping a cup of hot tea or coffee. Drink it before you have your intimate moments with your partner. Then observe how your partner will react on it.

When trying this temperature play, make sure to choose black coffee or tea. This is because exposing your vaginal area to sugar can cause infections.

5.  Use ice cream, whipped cream or any cold desserts

A great combo for temperature play is food play. It can be an exciting treat to drip your favourite cold desserts such as ice cream and whipped cream on your partner’s body. For more intense experience, you can lick their body with desserts while your tongue is hot.

6.  Try wax play

If you prefer a more intense temperature play, then you may want to try hot wax. Using a regular candle with this erotic play can be dangerous. This is because it is very hot that it can even burn your skin. Thus, it is recommended to use a massage oil candle. Choose the one that burns at lower temperatures such as soy or paraffin candles.

To avoid any injuries, always start slowly and test your boundaries. When dripping the wax, start from higher distances. Once you are comfortable, you can try a wax with a higher melting point such as palm or beeswax.


Whether you are having solo play or partnered sex, introducing temperature play to your BDSM or foreplay can be exciting. Adding warm and cool sensations can definitely heighten your intimate experience.

Getting started with temperature play has never been this fun. In the same way, you don’t really need any expensive devices or accessories to start experimenting. Just a few items from your home can do the magic. These 6 sex tips can also give you some guide to have a more pleasurable experience.

If you want to step up your game, there are a lot of exciting sex toys that are perfect for temperature play. You can check out your favourite online sex toy store to shop some of these items.


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