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Beginner’s Guide to Lubricant

on December 18, 2019

Lubricant or lube is a substance used to make you wet and prepare you for sex. Using lubricants during foreplay, masturbation or sexual intercourse can intensify your sexual pleasure and arousal. Some women suffer from vaginal dryness. As a result, they may experience pain and discomfort during love-making. So, they preferred to use lubricants as an alternative for making their sexual life, exciting and enjoyable. 

For beginners out there, here is a blog post to understand more about using lubricant.

Why should you use lubes?

When it comes to sex, no one should be left behind. Both of you must enjoy this love-making activity. To make your partner feel this way, you should use lubricants.
Using lubricants doesn’t mean that you are not interested in your partner. It is just one way of making your partner find sex as the most interesting part of your relationship. Introducing lubricants can also help you feel the pleasure and excitement during sexual intercourse.

Significant Facts about Lubricants

  • Using lubricants can reduce friction and irritation during sexual intercourse. Using lubes can also add sexual arousal and pleasure.
  • Some of the lubricants that are made from petroleum are not safe to use. This type of lube can break your condom.
  • Never use oil such as cooking oil as lubricants. This can cause some irritations to your genitals.
  • Lubricants can keep your vagina soft. It can also be used to add moisture and slickness to the penis.

Which one is best for you?

For first-time lubricant users, it is vital to choose the best one that will suit your needs. It is also important to know the ingredients or materials it is made of. To properly guide you on what lube can be used, read these options below:

Water-based lubricants are ideal for first-timers. This type of lube is lightweight. Since it is not too sticky, it will not leave a lot of stains on your sheets compared to other lubes.

  • Silicone-lubes has a thicker consistency than other types of lube. Silicone-based lube is long lasting to use. With silicone lubes, there is no need for reapplication when making love with your partner. It is also best to use when wearing a condom.
  • During anal sex, silicon-based lubricants can also be used. Since your anus can’t produce its own fluid, this kind of lubricant can help you to prevent the condom from breakage.
  • Oil-based is also another option for lubricants. This type of lube can give a slippery feel that lasts longer compared to water-based lubes. However, it may leave stains on your sheets.
  • Oil-based lube can be a “healthy” lube alternative because it is made from organic materials. Nevertheless, natural sugars can damage the pH-balance that can lead to irritation.

Important things to consider before using lubricants 

  • It is important to choose the right and safest lubricant for you to prevent irritations. Remember, using lubricant is one way of making your partner feel the excitement and satisfaction during love-making.
  • Communication is the key. Make sure that both of you already agreed on using lubricants.
  • Avoid using lubricants that contain some harmful ingredients such as artificial colours, flavours and some essential oils. This can lead to skin irritation.
  • Do some research and read some reviews before using or buying any lubricant.
  • Read the instructions carefully. There are manual guides that are included in the product’s label/packaging. To keep you safe, always be careful in using products that have chemical content.
  • If your partner is prone to yeast infections, stay away from lubricants with glycerin. This can irritate your partner’s vagina and can trigger the infection.
  • Get rid of the idea that lubrication is the only indication of arousal during your sexual activity. The important thing is both of you meet the satisfaction and excitement of having sex.


Selecting a lubricant can be a challenging task especially for beginners. This is because there are certain things that must be considered and learned beforehand.
When choosing a lubricant, you also have to consider your partner’s safety and comfort. Lubricants can help both of you experience the enjoyment and excitement of having sex. Following this guide can help you decide which lubricant you can use.
Before purchasing, figure out what kind of lube is best for you. You can also do some experimentation to find what will work well. If you need help, don’t hesitate to visit online sex toy shop now. They have a wide variety of lubricants to choose from.


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