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How to Practice Safer Sex

on January 16, 2020

Sex is a healthy and natural activity for partners. While doing this, the couple must know how to practice safer sex. In that way, both of them will be protected against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and other sex-related diseases. Practicing safer sex can also prevent unplanned pregnancy.

Safe sexual practices can keep the couple healthy. However, it is not always easy to open up this topic with your lover. Thus, it is important to have open communication with them. In this way, you can to take control of your sexual health and safety.

If you are sexually active, then this guide is for you. Read on below to learn how to practice safer sex.

 Guidelines for Safer Sex

  • Have a conversation with your partner

Ask your partner first before having any sexual activity. In such a way, you can assess the status of their sexual health. You can also discuss your sexual past, your preferences, and your decision to have safe sex. This will allow both of you to enjoy sex without worrying about sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV or unplanned pregnancy.

  • Have regular check-Up

Have your regular Pap Smear Test, pelvic exams and periodic tests for STIs. Some sexually transmitted diseases do not cause any significant symptoms until several months or years after your encounter. In some cases, you may have unknowingly shared it with someone else.
Hence, it is vital to consult your doctor regularly. With this, you can monitor the status of your sexual health.

  • Proper disinfection of shared toys

Sex toys can add excitement and flavour to your sexual relationship. However, these toys can spread infections, especially when it is shared.
Make sure to wash and sterilise the sex toys properly. The cleaning method depends on the material used on the toys. Always follow the instruction for proper cleaning. This is usually found in the product packaging.

  • Consider using protection

Using protection such as condoms and dams in any type of sexual encounters is crucial. These can keep you from contracting an STI during vaginal, oral and anal sex.
For instance, a condom is one of the most common protections used during sexual intercourse. When using this type of protection you have to consider the materials used. Choose the male condom that is made from latex or polyurethane. If you are allergic to polyurethane, consider using latex-free condoms.

Things to remember when using protection during sex

    1. Always carry your protection like condoms in your wallet or purse. You can also keep them handy at home.
    2. To make your foreplay more exciting, involve condoms in your play. Putting on a condom on the penis can be a sexy part of foreplay.
    3. If buying condoms may be a little embarrassing, order from an online sex toy shop.
    4. Educate yourself about the use of protection to prevent sexually transmitted infections. Always think that anyone who is sexually active can be at risk.
    5. Always do your research. Be more knowledgeable about STIs and other related diseases. You can also ask your doctor for proper guidance on how to use protection for safer sex.
    • Limit your number of sexual partners

    Having more than one sexual partner can be risky. The more people you are sexually involved with, the more chances of getting potential infections.
    Being in a one-partner relationship is the best way to prevent STDs. To keep you safe, always be smart about your sexual encounters.

    An effective way to have safer sex

    Most people believe that there is no such thing as safe sex. Nevertheless, the only way to be truly safe is to abstain from any sexual activity.
    Abstaining from sex can be a challenging decision. Thus, it is important to share this with your partner. It is also essential to make a decision when you are emotionally and physically ready. In this way, you can be more honest about your sexual health.
    Some people choose to abstain from sex for various reasons. These may include preventing an unplanned pregnancy and reducing the risk of getting the STD. Some may also not ready to deal with the emotional and physical consequences that occur in sexual relationships.


    Being involved in any sexual activity facilitates bonding, pleasure and feelings of intimacy with your partner. However, all forms of sexual contact can carry some risks. It is vital that both of you must be aware of it.
    Practicing safer sex is all about protecting both partners from sexually transmitted diseases. This can also help both of you stay healthy and safe. Apart from that, this can also make your sexual experience even better.
    Using protection such as condoms and dams is one way of keeping your sex life more exciting while being safe. If you are looking for some good quality condoms, dams, sex toys and other sex-related devices, do not hesitate to visit an online sex toy shop.


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