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6 Valuable tips to increase intimacy in a relationship

on November 05, 2021

Intimacy is an important aspect of every romantic relationship. It is about mutual acceptance, vulnerability and openness. Likewise, intimacy may mean that couples are comfortable sharing their thoughts and emotions with each other.

Intimacy doesn’t just happen in any relationship. Couples should take time and effort to build one. Both partners should also work hard to develop and maintain it.

To make your relationship a rewarding one, it is important to discover intimacy with the one that you love. To help you do this, here are 6 valuable tips on how to increase your intimacy with your partner.

1. Understand what intimacy means

Before you can work on increasing the intimacy in your relationship, you should fully understand what it is all about. When talking about intimacy, many people think of it as sex and passion. But actually, it also means loving, trusting and caring for each other.

For further understanding of intimacy, here are its four main types.

  • Emotional intimacy – It means that you feel comfortable sharing your personal feelings with your partner. For instance, you tell your partner about your insecurity about gaining weight.
  • Intellectual intimacy – This type of intimacy occurs when couples feel safe sharing their opinions and ideas. For example, both partners are confident in sharing their political opinions even though they follow different parties.
  • Sexual intimacy – It is about touching and closeness between each other’s bodies. It also happens when couples are engaging in sexual activities. An example of this is when you lift your partner’s chin and starts kissing them passionately.
  • Experiential intimacy – It occurs when couples help each other or work together to accomplish something. In this case, your partner helps you in doing the household chores.

2. Stay connected with your partner

Basically, one of the keys to a healthy relationship is having good communication between partners. It is crucial to listen and understand your partner in every conversation. After that, tell your partner how you feel about it. In this way, you can build a deeper understanding of each other.

Moreover, couples should keep themselves connected especially when they are in a long-distance relationship. Nowadays, there are many ways to communicate with your partner. You can text, call or have a video call with them. Through these, your lover will know how your day is going.

Even if you’re living with your partner, it’s still vital to spend time talking about your experiences, daily chores and schedules. Giving them a simple note can also make them feel loved. This will definitely lead to a stronger connection and an increasing level of intimacy.

3. Try something new

Doing your daily bedtime routine as a couple makes you feel safe and comfortable. It also provides security since you already know what is going to happen next.

However, when a couple gets bored with their usual routine, their intimacy level declines. To avoid this to happen, you can go out of your comfort zone. You can even try and explore something new. This will add some spice to your relationship. On top of that, it will induce your emotions and create a stronger connection with your partner.

To give you an idea, here are some of the activities that you should try.

  • Use sex toys

Sex toys are a fantastic addition to your sex life. Using these tools is one of the best ways to explore each other’s bodies in a playful manner. It also brings fun and pleasure during your sexual routine.

Furthermore, sex toys often help couples reach an orgasm. It also increases their level of intimacy. For beginners who want to try an adult toy, the best options are vibrators, dildos, wands, cock rings and many more.

  • Exploring various sex positions

Intimacy can also be developed through experimenting with different sex positions. This is another way to reignite the romantic fire in your relationship.

Generally, sex positions that allow couples to touch each other and have eye-to-eye contact create intimacy. Examples of these are face-off, pretzel dip, ballet dancer, missionary style and seashell sex position.

4. Reminisce the past

Everything in the initial stage of a relationship is exciting. But this excitement sometimes declines over time. While this can be disappointing, you can do something about it.

You can reminisce the good times you’ve shared in the past. Think about your honeymoon stage. You can even talk about your pleasurable experiences together. All of these can bring back the spark and deepen your intimacy as a couple.

5. Show appreciation

Make it a habit to show your partner how much you love, care and support them. In addition, saying “please” and “thank you” are little acts of kindness. These words of praise can go a long way to make your partner feel loved, valued and appreciated.

6. Don’t forget the non-sexual touch

Remember that non-sexual touch is important as sexual touch. Nevertheless, it is often overlooked by some couples. Non-sexual touch may include holding hands, eye-to-eye contact, and spontaneous kissing. These small ways of showing your love to your partner usually make a big difference to keep your intimacy strong.


No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship, increasing the intimacy level is important. This will strengthen and maintain your bond as a couple. This is also vital to have a romantic and long-lasting relationship. To increase intimacy in your relationship, these 6 valuable tips above should be considered.

If you are planning to use a sex toy to keep your intimacy alive, don’t hesitate to contact a reliable online adult toy shop. They can supply quality sex toys for your next intimate scene.


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