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Sexual fantasies: Things you need to know about it

on July 06, 2021

Every individual has their own sexual fantasies. No matter what fantasies you have in mind, it’s totally normal. Having erotic thoughts is just one way to safely explore one’s sexuality. Some people may just keep them in mind for solo pleasure. Others may share it with a partner.

Couples sometimes act out these fantasies in real life. But before doing so, make sure to establish consent with your partner.

If you want to try it out, it is important to have in-depth knowledge about sexual fantasies. To give you insights, read this quick overview about sexual fantasies.

What is sexual fantasy?

Sexual fantasy is also known as erotic fantasy. It is a pattern of thoughts that stirs in one’s mind. For some people, these thoughts enhance sexual arousal.

Primarily, they are created by a person’s imagination. Most of them are triggered they become interested in pornography or erotic literature.

Moreover, anything that enhances sexual arousal can produce a sexual fantasy. Some may put these fantasies into action. Others remain as fantasies because they are subject to social taboos.

Common sexual fantasies

There are several sexual fantasies people are dreaming of. Here are just a few of them.

Oral sex

Oral sex is one of the most common sexual fantasies among men and women. In fact, having oral sex came up as a top sexual fantasy in certain studies.

Many people find oral sex pleasurable as penetrative sex. While some people already enjoyed it, others are still fantasising oral sex because their partners don’t usually go down there.

For couples who are in a long-term relationship, acting out this sexual fantasy can help reduce bedroom boredom. It can also maintain an active sexual life.

Having Threesome

A threesome is known to be a kinky sexual fantasy. However, acting it out in real life can wreck a couple’s relationship. That’s why consent and communication with your partner is needed beforehand.


Voyeurism is defined as obtaining sexual pleasure from watching others who are naked or having sex. There are plenty of possibilities for this sexual fantasy.

For example, a person may imagine peeking at a couple who are having an erotic scene in a fitting room in a mall. Moreover, people may think of sitting in an online cam show as an anonymous tipper.


Basically, exhibitionism is the other end of voyeurism. It is referred to as having sex in a public place. People with exhibitionism fantasy imagine that they are performing a sexual act for an audience. Getting caught and seen by other people adds sexual excitement to them.

Acting this sexual fantasy in real life is somewhat risky. This may lead to legal consequences. This is because being nude and having sex in public are prohibited in some places.


The domination fantasy is described as having total power over a partner during sex. This is quite arousing for some people. Domination may include spanking, tying up a partner using bondage, dirty talk and other forms of erotic expressions.

This erotic fantasy tends to be popular among women. They are also common on a submissive person who feels powerless. It gives them enjoyment since it centres on their sexual power.

Role play and cosplay

Role play and cosplay are two distinct fantasies. Role play refers to acting a role of another identity. People fantasizing roleplaying may impersonate a teacher and a student or a nurse and a patient.

On the other hand, cosplay is the act of dressing up and playing out to be someone else. In cosplay, people may enjoy portraying a character in a book or movie. Furthermore, their imagination may take them to faraway places.

How to bring up sexual fantasies to your partner

If you’re ready to share your fantasy with your partner, these steps below can help.

  1. Establish consent and communicate in detail beforehand. Communication before and after is necessary.
  2. Establish boundaries and safe words.
  3. Have some research on best practices. Knowing its best practices can lead to mutual satisfaction.
  4. Implement safer sex practices.
  5. Don’t rush. Just go slow.
  6. Remember to stay calm if things don’t go according to your plans.

Reasons why people have sexual fantasies

Many people have their own reasons for having sexual fantasies. Here are just a few of them.

  • to experience sexual arousal
  • to meet unfulfilled needs and desires
  • they want to experience different sexual sensations
  • to reduce anxiety and be more relaxed
  • to escape from reality
  • to feel more sexually confident


Don’t be ashamed of your fantasies. As mentioned above, having them in mind is just normal. Nonetheless, some of them can’t be acted out in real life. This is because not all fantasies are socially and morally accepted. But if you still want to turn out your fantasies into reality, talk to your partner and ask for consent.

Sharing your fantasy and act on it definitely adds a bit of excitement to your relationship. Both partners can achieve mutual satisfaction especially if both of you are willing to explore.

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